Frameless Glass Pool fencing Panels 12mm Thick, 1200mm high, Choose Your Glass Panel Width

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Frameless Glass Pool fencing Panels 12mm Thick, 1200mm high, Choose Your Glass Panel Width

Use Our Free Online fence builder to work out what you need


The Highest grade trade quality frameless glass pool fencing panels on the market! And very easy to install.

BEST QUALITY - Over the years we have developed a reputation in the industry for supplying the highest grade frameless glass pool fencing, All of our frameless glass pool fencing displays the Australian standard mark of approval so you can rest assured your glass pool panels are compliant.

  • Quality and batching of glass remains consistant
  • Pefect polish and blemish free edges
  • Quality control staff monitor and check each frameless glass pool fence panel
  • Easy to install with double friction spigots
  • Tested and Certified frameless glass pool fence panels
  • Attention to detail with packing procedures
  • Suits friction spigots
  • Corner protectors in packaging
  • Buy Your frameless galss pool panels from us and save big!!

EASY INSTALL - Each frameless glass pool fence panel has no bolt holes! This means when you install your spigots they dont have to be in the perfect position on the glass pool fence panel, this makes it easier to adjust your panel during installation. The spigots or mini posts that we sell are friction fit which means that there is a pressure plate inside of the spigot that puts firm pressure onto the glass to hold it firmly in place, by using the small allen key you can adjust this pressure plate so the tops of your frameless glass pool fence make a stright and beautiful line just like a professional. It may not sound like much but at the end of a job to be able to slighlty adjust your frameless glass pool fencing panel is very very important to get that trade qualtiy look.

HIGH STANDARDS - The Frameless glass pool panel that is identified as not complying to the highest quality standards is not sold and set aside. We only sell the highest grade glass pool fence panels.

Please Watch Our Quick Installation Video - In This Video Lee benson (owner of Outback Fencing) Will show you how to install a frameless glass pool fence with products all from this website, its only a quick video but at least it will give you an idea of what our frameless glass pool fencing materials look like and how easy they are to use.

Planning out your framless glass pool fence is the most important part of the process, this is where using our free fence builder can really come in handy (please see link above at top of description) once you punch in the numbers it will tell you what size panels you need and how many spigots and the gaps you need to use.


When using the planner its impotant to imput the exact measurements of the area you want to install the frameless glass pool fence. The fence planner will also allow you to print out a plan so you can have it with you while you install. It does not get much better than that!



Outback Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty. (Subject to warranty conditions - see our terms and conditions).