Frameless Glass Pool Gate Kit - 1x Variable Width Gate Support Panel 1x Gate 900* 1x Hinges and Latch (spigots not included)

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08SLG-0890, 12NH-(----), MR-FLGG-P, MR-GGH-P
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Frameless Glass Pool Gate Kit - 1x Variable Width Gate Support Panel 1x Gate 900* 1x Hinges and Latch (Spigots Not Included)

Frameless Glass Pool Standard Gate Kit Made Easy:
To make for easy installation hole have already been made into the frameless glass pool frame and gate!
The latch we supply is a friction fit for easy installation onto a frameless glass pool panel
To make sure that your gate and hinges last a long time the gate is made from lighter 8mm glass
Were as the glass gate support panel is made from 12mm clear toughened glass to match the rest of the frameless glass pool fence.

Gate Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Frameless Glass gate support panel (12mm thick) 1.2m high x Choose width above.
  • 1 x 890 or 900mm* wide gate with stainless steel self closing hinges and a friction fit side pull magnetic latch.
  • Note: You will need to order 2 x Spigots for the Gate panel. These are not included in the kit.
  • *There is a 10mm variance in the glass gate size in different states - always measure before set out. Gate is 1200mm high.
  • The gate requires approximately 10mm gap on each side. (between the panel it is hinging from and the standard panel it is latching to). To adjust the gate opening, simply move the panel that the gate is latching to by loosening the grub screws on the spigots.

EASY INSTALL - Each frameless glass pool fence panel has no bolt holes! This means when you install your spigots they dont have to be in the perfect position on the glass pool fence panel, this makes it easier to adjust your panel during installation. The spigots or mini posts that we sell are friction fit which means that there is a pressure plate inside of the spigot that puts firm pressure onto the glass to hold it firmly in place, by using the small allen key you can adjust this pressure plate so the tops of your frameless glass pool fence make a stright and beautiful line just like a professional. It may not sound like much but at the end of a job to be able to slighlty adjust your frameless glass pool fencing panel is very very important to get that trade quality look.

HIGH STANDARDS - The Frameless glass pool panel that is identified as not complying to the highest quality standards is not sold and set aside. We only sell the highest grade glass pool fence panels.


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