About Us

About Us

Outback Fencing is here to help you choose the right fence for your property and deliver it right to your door. We provide high quality fencing, designed for the unique climate and style of your Australian home. 

What We Do

We understand that choosing the best fence for your property can be overwhelming and time-consuming. A sturdy, high-quality fence is a big purchase – you deserve to understand what you’re getting and how to choose. We only offer premium fencing from Australian suppliers, so you don’t have to scroll through pages of options or worry about the quality of a product.  


Outback Fencing is here to provide access to some of the best fencing materials and designs on the market, but also to provide quick access to information. Through our installation guides, informational blog posts, and a direct line to the Outback Fencing customer service team, you can feel confident in your own decisions and skills. 


Our system is quick, easy, and secure, so you get the right fence, the first time.   

Meet Lee

The founder of Outback Fencing, Lee Benson, was sick and tired of seeing people choose inferior fencing. Lee grew up in Australia and wanted to keep it looking great. After seeing endless timber fences that had warped, discolored, or become a food source for white ants, he decided to take action. 


Lee founded Outback Fencing to help the people of Australia make better choices, by making the better choice clearer, quicker, and easier. Now, whether Lee is driving through the suburbs or the outback, he is proud to see PVC fencing standing strong in the harsh Aussie sun. 



The “Lee Guarantee”

Over the years, Lee has made sure that Outback Fencing never compromised once as we became one of Australia’s top fencing suppliers. He made it clear that our customers should never have to compromise on the quality of products or service they receive. This commitment is why we can offer: 


  • Quality Products from Trusted Australian Suppliers
  • The Best Prices on Top-of-the-Line Products
  • A System that is Proven to Work in Australia
  • Expert Guidance from Our Project Support Team and Website
  • A 7-Year Manufacturer Warranty on All of Our Fencing