Security Fencing - Black Crimped Spear Top

Security Fencing - Black Crimped Spear Top

Black Crimped Spear-Top Security Fences 

Get the right fence in days – enjoy it for years.

Few things deter crime more than lack of access. Shut down problems before they begin, with high security fencing from Outback Fencing. Our range of crimped spear-top fences can protect your private property, commercial property, or school facility. You deserve to feel safe wherever you are, so make sure trouble never even makes it into the yard. 

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Invest in Australian-Sourced Professional Fencing

When it comes to protecting yourself, there can be no compromises. Outback fencing has worked hard to become an industry leader in security fencing. We reinvest our capital in local Australian companies to ensure we all have access to the best quality, right in our backyard. Our black crimped spear top fencing is made with heavy duty solid galvanized steel, for continuous strength and durability. 


 All of our fences are designed to be structurally sound, for a long-lasting solution. Each product offered by Outback Fencing has gone through rigorous testing in the unique climate of Australia  and through the wear and tear of daily use.


 We proudly ensure our security fencing meets the requirements of the Department of Education and Training. Crimped spear-top security fencing would be a wonderful addition to any residential boundary, schoolyard, or high-value commercial property. You can choose between 1.8m or 2.1m tall black fencing, and we have sliding security gate kits that integrate directly with your new fence. 


Because of all the hard work that goes into our fencing, we are able to offer a 7-year warranty on all Outback Fencing products. The powder-coated steel of our spear top security fences won't rust or require extensive maintenance, so you can expect them to last for much longer than that.

Easy to Install – Hard to Get Past

We believe you deserve a quick and painless solution for your security needs. Our black spear top security fence panels come flat packed and ready to install. Want to see it in action? There's a video of the security fence installation at the bottom of this page. Most homeowners and small business owners are able to install our security fences without hiring professional assistance. That said, you'll want help lifting and maneuvering these fence panels. Solid steel is excellent for security, but it weighs quite a bit.


Spear-top fencing is classically stylish, but it also shows people with bad intentions that you mean business. This security fence combines bold style with a six-point-weld construction. Anyone who doesn't take it seriously will be surprised and deterred from entering your property. Keep pets and kids on one side and bad guys on the other. 

Order Your New Protection Today

  Thanks to our network of warehouses across Australia, our average delivery time is only five to seven business days. Order your new fence today to be secured in a matter of weeks. If you have any questions during the ordering process, you can check our FAQ page or reach out to the Outback fencing customer support team. 

Finding The Right Security Fence For Your Property

Outback Fencing proudly offers two different heights of security fencing – both 1.8m and 2.1m security fence panels can provide plenty of protection. We also stock all the security fencing supplies you'll need for a successful installation. 


Depending on the size of your property and use of your fence, you can choose from single and double gate kits to install additional, securable entryways. Custom gate width converters are also available for both panel heights. There are also numerous ways to customize your fence, allowing it to fit in an irregular layout. Using latch and hinge kits, width converters, and either screws or panel brackets, you can secure any property border. 

Ordering Fencing Supplies Online

Ordering your new fence online allows you to easily make informed decisions about the customizable nature of your new fence. We are happy to provide support in any way you need and we have a free online fence builder tool. The online fence builder allows you to visualize your new security fencing before you even add it to your cart.


By processing our orders online, we've been able to provide fencing supplies across all of Australia with relative ease. The Outback Fencing network of warehouses allows for quick shipping anywhere. If you live in a rural area, we can partner with local transportation companies to get your fence there fast. Pickup is also available in some metropolitan areas. Please refer to our Locations page if you're interested in pickup. 

How To Install A Black Security Fence Panel

In this video you will learn how to install a black Security Fence. These panels put the “heavy” in heavy duty – make sure you get enough help while carrying and installing them. The installation process itself is simple and straightforward, but it will go much faster with some extra muscle.


Order today to have a new security fence in no time. The black crimped spear-top fencing has been extremely popular this season. We work hard to ensure our warehouses always have these in stock, but at this price you never can tell when they're going to sell out.