PVC Fencing

PVC Fencing

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Get the right fence in days – enjoy it for years.


At Outback Fencing, we believe that everyone deserves a fence that is quick and easy to install, but it also needs to last. PVC fencing checks all of those boxes while saving you time and money.  


PVC is the modern alternative to timber and metal, without some of the drawbacks. PVC fences provide a solution to your safety, security, and privacy concerns, without giving you more chores.  PVC does not rust, warp, or fade in the sun, and it requires only a fraction of the upkeep that traditional fencing materials do. 


We have fence options for any architectural style, from a traditional Edwardian home to a Californian bungalow. The clean lines and uniform surface of a PVC fence help it complement the style of any property. Our newest line is the Hampton Style PVC fences, which are sure to get your neighbors talking – especially once the fence is installed in just a day or two.

A Quick Installation and a Long-Lasting Solution

We proudly offer delivery times that average just 3 - 7 days. To see how to install PVC fencing, scroll to the bottom of this page for videos of the installation process.


All of our PVC fencing options have been rigorously tested in the harsh conditions of the Australian climate and come with an additional UV-resistant coating. At Outback Fencing, we only work with the best Australian suppliers, which is why we can offer a 7-year warranty for all our PVC fencing solutions. 


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We have installation videos for each type of PVC fencing, located at the bottom of the page.