PVC Fencing

PVC Fencing

Professional PVC Fencing Supplies

At Outback Fencing, we will help you create a PVC fence that fits seamlessly into your home. All our PVC fencing comes with a 7 year fencing warranty, and our products are locally sourced and rigorously tested for the Aussie climate. The installation process is easy, and our interlocking tabs mean there’s no need for tools or fixing parts.

Our PVC fence supplies are the products of incredibly durable workmanship – we use strong high-tech composites that are built to last without the need to repaint year after year. All our fences are UV-protected for the extreme conditions of the Aussie Outback. There are many reasons to buy PVC fencing – PVC is a modern and affordable alternative to timber and metal, and it guards against rust and discoloration. Our fences come with infill panels that guarantee a seamless and professional finish for all corners and heights.

Our new Hampton Style range is clean and understated, and we offer a wide range of fence styles that will be in keeping with the style of your home, whether you live in a traditional Edwardian home or a laid back Californian bungalow. Outback Fencing also prides ourselves on quick turnaround times, with a delivery window of 3-5 days.