Fencing Perth

Founded by Lee Benson, an Australian native, Outback Fencing has been forging a new sustainable path with its PVC fencing. Their range of PVC, aluminium and security fencing is entirely customisable through their online fence builder program. It will help give you a finished view to help you visualise the completed project.  


Providing quality Australian-made fencing in Perth, Outback Fencing will guarantee that their PVC fencing will not warp, buckle or become ant food in the hot Perth summers. PVC fencing is also flood and thunderstorm-resistant and will not rot in wet weather.  PVC and aluminium fencing will not only add value to your home but also long outlast any wooden alternatives.  


Outback Fencing will be able to deliver your fencing products within 3-7 working days from any of their nationwide warehouses across Australia. The Perth warehouse is also open for collections, should you prefer to pick up the fencing yourself. 


PVC Fencing 

PVC fencing is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and recycled plastics, giving you the ultimate sustainable and long-lasting plastic alternative to wood. PVC fencing is available in various wood grains and Colorbond colours to give you the creative wood look without committing to the maintenance of a wooden fence. Australian-made, PVC fencing is designed to withstand Perth's harsh, dry summers and will not fade, buckle, warp or sustain insect damage. 


Aluminium Pool Fencing

Those hot summers in Perth translate to much time at the pool.  Aluminium pool fencing is the best alternative to steel fencing.  Aluminium pool fencing is galvanised and available in a variety of colours. Virtually maintenance-free, aluminium pool fencing will give you a clear view of the pool area and provide security while enjoying the water sports.


Outback Fencing will customise your aluminium pool fencing and can deliver the products within 3-7 working days. Using marine-grade aluminium, Outback Fencing can provide perforated pool fencing, giving your pool area a modern look.  Aluminium pool fencing will add value to your home and will not crack, rust or shatter. 

Aluminium Security Fencing

Aluminium security fencing is made of thicker, more robust aluminium than general pool fencing.  While also Australian-made, aluminium security fencing is corrosion resistant and galvanised to protect against the harsh Perth summers. Outback Fencing will provide you with all the materials needed to install your aluminium security fence to your custom specifications. 




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