Black Crimped Spear Top Security Fencing 2.1mH

Black Crimped Spear Top Security Fencing 2.1mH

Professional Black Spear-Top Security Fencing: 2.1m Fence Panels

Get the right fence in days – enjoy it for years. 


Over two meters of solid protection for your property, these security fence panels are designed to withstand intense conditions. This 2.1m tall model is our tallest, strongest fence. All our products are specifically tested in the harsh climate of Australia and built to last for years, and this fence is no different. You can rest easy knowing your private property or business are surrounded by a top-of-the-line black crimped spear-tip security fence from Outback Fencing. 

Thoughtful Design, For a Safer Yard

You shouldn’t have to settle for second best when personal safety and security is on the line, and you don’t need to. By working with the best local suppliers, we can offer world-class quality across Australia at an affordable price. 


The six-point welded construction makes getting through this fence near impossible, while the crimped spear tips on top make jumping over risky. This 2.1m tall security fencing will keep out just about anyone with bad intentions, and it can help contain the flow of people or vehicles that you are responsible for. From schoolyards to corporate parking lots, our black spear top fencing can provide protection you can rely on. 


These security fence panels come flat-packed and ready to install. We also carry complementary products such as security gate kits and all the latches, hinges, screws, and panel brackets that you'll need to get set up. Want to see just how easy installation can be? Watch the video at the bottom of this page. 

Watch the Security Fencing Installation Video at the Bottom of the Page

Low-Cost Protection for Priceless Targets 

Don’t compromise for less protection than you deserve. Any residential boundary, schoolyard, or high-value commercial property will be much safer behind a solid-steel, spear-top security fence. Our security fencing easily meets the strict requirements of the Department of Education and Training, for protecting children.  

How To Install A Black Security Fence Panel

This video shows how to install a black security fence once your order arrives. The galvanized steel panels are quite heavy — make sure you get enough help while carrying and installing them. The installation process itself is simple and straightforward. 

Why Choose Outback Fencing?

At Outback Fencing, we are dedicated to providing fencing solutions at the best prices available and as quick as possible. We know how important security has become in our modern world, and you deserve a quick, straightforward solution to protecting your property. These solid steel security fences will hopefully give you some peace of mind. And our average of five to seven business days for shipping times means you can add a layer of security very soon. 


We work hard to ensure our warehouses always have these in stock, but the black crimped spear-top fencing has been extremely popular this season. Our competitive prices mean we are always at risk of selling out. So order your new security fence today!