Aluminium Pool Fencing

Aluminium Pool Fencing

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Get the right fence in days – enjoy it for years

Having a reliable fence around your pool is critical for safety and keeping your property compliant with local and national laws. But you deserve a pool fence that looks fantastic and won’t need constant maintenance and aluminium pool fencing will do just that.

Explore a category of aluminium pool fencing that matches your home’s style by clicking one of the pictures below. 


We have Installation Videos for each type of aluminium pool fencing, at the bottom of the page.

A Quick Solution for Your Pool Safety

At Outback Fencing, our network of fencing warehouses means that you will receive a durable, stylish fence in a matter of days. Our current delivery times average just 3-7 business days, and we also offer local pickup across Australia, at many of our locations.


 Installation of our aluminium pool fencing is quick and painless! We have plenty of information on hand for you to quickly access, including installation guides and informational blog posts. Spend more time swimming or working on your tan, and less time worrying about your fence. To see how easy it is to install aluminium pool fencing, check out the installation videos at the bottom of this page. All orders come flat-packed and ready to be set up.

The Strength of Aluminium

 All of our products are tested in the extreme climate of Australia, to ensure longevity and continuous safety. You’ll be able to relax, knowing that our high-tensile aluminium pool fencing is built with your yard in mind. Aluminium doesn’t rust, chip, crack, or rot. Everything from our fencing panels and aluminium gate kits, to the individual brackets, Tek screws, and latches can handle the Outback. And to help you feel even more confident in your choice of aluminium pool fencing, all our fencing products come from only trusted Australian suppliers, and are backed by a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Aluminium Pool Fences for Any Style

We have a wide range of aluminium pool fencing, from the classic black flat-top design to the elegant palm deco perforated panels. Matching your pool area’s aesthetic will be easy as you explore our available premium aluminium pool fencing options.


Once you’ve found the best fit for your backyard’s style, simply measure out what you need and place your order. Our 3 - 7 day delivery times will get you ready to install your new fence in no time! 


Installation Videos for Aluminium Pool Fences


Anyone can tell you something is easy, but that can be subjective and hard to believe. Whenever possible, we are going to show you just how simple a DIY fence installation can be. 


Flat Top Pool Fencing Installation Video


In this video, you will learn how to install our black pool fencing, in the flat-top design. This model is one of the simplest fences to install on your own, and we have had many customers send us photos of their beautiful DIY fence installations. 


Lee, Outback Fencing’s founder, explains the most important parts of measuring, cutting, and installing your new fence in this video. 


Perforated Pool Fencing Installation Video

The perforated pool fencing can be installed using either brackets or U-channels on both sides of the fence panel. This video shows how to set up your perforated fence panels using each method, so you can confidently install the panels yourself. 

Complying with Pool Fencing Laws in Australia

Across Australia, the national benchmark for pool fence regulations is AS 1926.1-2012, the Australian Standard law concerning safety barriers for swimming pools. However, there may be some variation in pool fencing standards, codes, and local regulations in your area. Ensure that you check your state and city regulations before installing a new fence. 

We’ve put together links to the state pool regulation guides that are a part of the State Government Building Standards. You should also do a bit of homework and seek answers from your local government concerning the building code. 

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