Perforated Pool Fencing

Perforated Pool Fencing

Black Perforated Aluminium Pool Fencing

The new and premium solution in the fencing arena while being pool fencing compliant. Our black perforated pool fencing panels are extremely durable, will not rust and will not break unlike glass. The Perf pool fencing panels have excellent visibility due to the precision punching of 9mm diameter holes that are very close together.

Super low maintenance, no more wiping down or cleaning like a standard frameless glass pool fence. This Premium product is classy and a great alternative to black pool fencing or glass fencing.

Our perforated pool fencing (otherwise known as perf pool fencing) is made from high grade aluminium. Which means you will have no problems with rust on your new pool fence with the added benefit of low maintenance while letting in the cool breeze into your pool area. Get the job right the first time with our premium perforated pool fence panels.

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