Fencing Gold Coast

Outback Fencing caters to all types of fencing. Gold-Coast based in our Molendinar warehouse, and Australian-supplied and owned, we pride ourselves on maintaining low price points, while emphasising craftsmanship and durability. Whether you are based permanently in the beautiful Gold Coast or you’re looking to spruce up your holiday home, choosing high- quality fencing can add value and style to a beautiful space or home. We supply locally sourced, and rigorously tested fencing materials at our Molendinar warehouse. All our parts come fully packaged to our Gold Coast customers – you can also arrange to pick up your order from our warehouse, if you prefer.

PVC fencing supplies

Despite being new to the fencing scene, PVC fencing has become a top choice for Gold Coast property owners. If you’re looking for a modern and polished finish, then consider the durable and affordable PVC fencing. Gold Coast-based and locally supplied, new Hampton Style range is clean and modern and the huge range of profiles allow your fencing to blend seamlessly into your home. Unlike the old metal or timber alternatives, a PVC fence is resistant to rot and rust, as well as white ants, termites, and other borers, and all manners of blistering, peeling, and corrosion. Outback Fencing only sources materials from local manufacturers of the highest quality, meaning our PVC parts are smooth after a rigorous extrusion process. The dyes are built to last a lifetime without the need to repaint year after year. Our PVC fencing also comes with seamless infill slots, so heights or tricky corners are easier to install.

Aluminium supplies

The steel of our aluminium fence panels are made from high-tensile aluminium and follow Australian safety standards. Installing aluminium fencing around your pool adds style, colour, and safety when enjoying your Gold Coast haven. We also offer other aluminium parts, whether you require single posts, standard and double fittings, or separate parts like 360-degree brackets. We also recommend our frameless glass pool fencing. Gold Coast temperatures vary from season to season, and our protective and durable glass fencing is perfect for admiring the view from your pool or creating cleaner lines in your home and yard. Glass fencing has the added benefit of being child-friendly, as it opens up visibility around and from the pool.

Security fencing supplies

With warehouses situated around Australia, Outback Fencing sources the best local manufacturers for our Gold Coast security fencing supplies. Our black crimped spear top fencing holds a solid galvanised steel frame, and a 7-year warranty. In a simple and unobtrusive style, our security fence panels come in 1.8 and 2.1 m heights in our heavy-duty powder coated fencing range. Our company is also committed to the Department of Education and Training requirements when providing fencing supplies for Gold Coast schools. This means our fences are built to withstand the Gold Coast and rural climates, as well as constant use. Contact us today if you’d like high-quality security fencing for a private, school, or commercial yard.


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