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Outback Fencing is an online fence supply company providing locally produced PVC fencing, security fencing, and aluminium pool fencing Melbourne wide.


How is PVC Fencing Able to Withstand East Melbourne Weather?


PVC fencing is made of recycled plastic and PVC, to give you a weatherproof plastic composite fence that is both insect and rot resistant. PVC pool fencing Melbourne wide has grown in popularity as an alternative to natural timber products. The PVC and aluminium fencing Melbourne locals are loving can withstand floods and strong winds, as long as you make sure the fencing is correctly installed.


Outback Fencing Shipping and Delivery Guide


Outback Fencing sources locally produced PVC and aluminium pool fencing Melbourne property owners can get their hands on quickly, with delivery taking only 3-5 days. Our Outback Fencing products also come conveniently packaged for easy installation by your contractor. We are here to provide access to some of the best fencing materials and designs on the market, as well as quick access to any information you could need on fencing. We offer installation guides and informational blog posts on everything related to fencing, plus if you ever need further assistance, you have a direct line to our Outback Fencing customer service team. When it comes to any kind of fencing, we want you to feel confident in your own decisions and skills and know that our fencing experts are always here to help, quickly and earnestly.


Outback Fencing Warehouse Locations 


Conveniently located for easy collection or delivery, Outback Fencing has locations in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Dandenong, Jandakot, Newcastle and Adelaide. It’s really no surprise that Outback Fencing is quickly becoming the leading supplier of exceptional PVC and aluminium fencing Melbourne wide, as well as right across Australia.


Exploring the Popularity of PVC Fencing


When it comes to PVC general and pool fencing, Melbourne homeowners will find this material offers many
advantages over timber.

● PVC fencing will not crack or splinter
● PVC fencing is not susceptible to insects or rot
● PVC fencing will last for a minimum of 20 years, so long-term maintenance is minimised
● PVC fencing is very low maintenance, requiring only an occasional spray down with a hose


Exploring the Popularity of Aluminium Pool Fencing


Outback Fencing supplies aluminium pool fencing from locally sourced manufacturers. Utilising aluminium pool fencing in Melbourne has many advantages. With a powder coating, aluminium pool fencing is fade and corrosion resistant and should last at least 15 to 20 years.


Exploring the Importance of Security Fencing


Security fencing is designed to keep intruders out, so it needs to be tough! Outback Fencing sources locally made security fencing and strives to provide the materials needed to ensure safety and security wherever you need it. The aluminium security fencing available in Melbourne is made of thicker aluminium than general pool fencing and is powder-coated to make it corrosion-resistant. To learn more, speak to the leading providers of security and aluminium fencing Melbourne wide today.



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