Fencing Brisbane

Our fencing supplies are designed to withstand hot Brisbane summers, without the need for maintenance or repainting. Outback Fencing has a quick turnaround of 3-5 working days, and all our parts arrive fully packaged from our Virginia warehouse for the full safety and convenience of our Brisbane customers. We also offer a free online fence builder, so you can customise and visualise your space – just how you’d like it. Our fencing knowledge is rooted in extensive construction experience and practice with fence installation. This means a personable service, as well as high-quality fencing materials promising durability and sustainability.

PVC fencing supplies

Despite being new to the industry, PVC fencing has become a top choice for Brisbane property owners. If you’re looking for a modern and polished finish, then consider the affordable option of PVC fencing. Brisbane-based and locally supplied, our PVC fences are maintenance-free, and give a lighter look to your yard. Our new Hampton Style range is clean and understated and our wide array of styles mean your fencing can follow the style of your home, whether you prefer the classic lines of an Edwardian home or the family feel of a Californian bungalow. They are also rust- and rot-resistant, and ward off white ants and termites, blistering, peeling, corrosion, and other borers – unlike metal or timber alternatives. Outback Fencing sources materials from local manufacturers of the highest quality, meaning our PVC parts are smooth after their extrusion process, and the dyed surfaces are built to last a lifetime without repainting. They also come with seamless infill slots, so heights or tricky corners are easier to install.

Aluminium supplies

With origins in the construction business, Outback Fencing only sources the highest quality steel fencing materials from our local suppliers. We follow rigorous safety testing for all our pool-compliant models made from high-tensile aluminium fencing. Brisbane summers get hot – and the steel of our aluminium pool fencing adds style, colour, and safety to your balmy off days. We also offer other essentials, whether you’re looking for single posts, standard and double fittings, or separate parts like Tek screws. We also offer frameless glass pool fencing for a clean and minimal look. It’s also child-friendly with greater visibility of the pool.

Security fencing supplies

Outback Fencing is an industry leader in security fencing: we take the time to source expert local manufacturers, and we hold the Department of Education and Training requirements in highest importance when providing for Brisbane schools. Our black crimped spear top fencing is part of our heavy-duty powder coated fencing range. Through a solid galvanised steel frame, our security fence panels come with a 10-year warranty. They last through the Queensland climate as well as the general wear and tear from communal or personal use. High quality security fencing has become a necessary part in keeping people safe. Outback Fencing goes above and beyond other security fencing suppliers in ensuring safety standards are met, when it comes to securing your private, school, or commercial yard.


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