Black Pool Fencing - Aluminium Flat Top

Black Pool Fencing - Aluminium Flat Top

Professional Black Aluminium Pool Fencing Supplies

Get the right fence in days – enjoy it for years. 


With so many different fences on the market, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by bad options. You deserve a straightforward, high-quality solution, so you can get back to swimming or working on your tan. At Outback Fencing, we only stock the best fencing supplies and work with the top Australian suppliers to ensure the quality of each and every option in our store. 

Watch the Black Pool Fencing Installation Video at the Bottom of the Page

Timeless Style – Made for Australia



You can’t go wrong with any choice from Outback Fencing, but the black flat-top aluminium pool fencing is one of our most beloved styles. This Best Seller is a step up from basic fencing found elsewhere, which is why we work hard to keep it in stock. Our network of warehouses across Australia allow us to get you a new fence in an average of 3 - 7 days. Order today to get your flat-packed pool fence in no time, while you still can!    


The style of the flat-top pool fencing has been elevated to a new level. We’ve removed the need for a middle bar by using 6-point welds on each of the black fencing tubes. The resulting design looks more modern and sleek, and the thorough welding means your fence will last even longer. 


One of the first places manufacturers cut corners is the metal itself – and you wouldn’t know it until it’s too late. Thin, weak aluminium leads to faster wear and tear, warping, and the unsightly droop that old horizontal fences get with age. We’ve chosen to avoid all that by using a high-tensile aluminium that will stand the test of time. It will never rust or corrode, and the reinforced construction puts this premium material to good use. 


Since the harsh Aussie sun loves to fade everything it touches, we have protected your fence with a gorgeous satin black powder coat finish. Rigorously tested in the specific climates of Australia, this finish looks great and is UV-resistant to ensure it keeps looking great.


All of these factors are why we can offer a 7-year warranty on all fences. Choose a style you love – your new fence will last a long time. 


How To Install Your New Flat-Top Aluminum Pool Fence

Lee, the founder of Outback Fencing, was kind enough to record this in-depth video explaining the process for installing a new pool fence. We’ve also included written instructions here, to show that anyone can handle a DIY fence project with the right support and planning. 

If you have any questions or would like someone from the Outback Fencing customer support team to assist you with your project, send us a message at or give us a call at (02)40620386.

Step 1: Make a Site Plan and Order Your Fencing Supplies

Carefully measure out the location for your new fence and draw up a rough mud map with a bird’s-eye view of the spot. Using that diagram, you should be able to accurately determine the length of black pool fencing in the flat-top design that you will need. There are different length options, so your plan can be a bit flexible. The flanged pool fence posts and paneling system is also easy to use on sloped surfaces – just plan to stagger their heights accordingly. 


We also offer pool fencing gate kits with secure latches to ensure your new fence is compliant with national standards. Be sure to double-check your local laws. Ordering through the site is quick and painless. You should have your new fencing delivered in an average of 3 - 7 business days. We also offer pickup in some locations, in case you need a project for this weekend. 

Step 2: Set Your String Lines and Mark Fence Post Hole Locations

Once you have your fencing supplies ready to go, you will need to set up a string line. Set it at least 50mm above the ground, to help the fence be level. You can use one of the black pool fencing panels as a spacer, to show exactly where to mark the holes for your fence posts. Leave a little extra room at each end, so installation can go smoothly and quickly. 


When you’re marking the spots for gate posts, the measurements between the posts should be the width of your gate with about 30-40mm added for the latch systems. Then, you’ll need to dig the holes for your fence posts. Grab a post-hole digger if you have one, but a simple spade should work just fine. Make the holes 600mm deep and around 200mm in diameter. They don’t need to look great, since you’ll be filling them with concrete later. 

Step 3: Install Your Black Pool Fence Posts

Make a mark on each post at around 1200mm from the end you will put into the concrete. Once concrete is poured into your first hole, insert the post and push it down until the mark is along your stringline. Before the concrete dries, you need to level the fence post using a handheld level. You should also confirm that it is facing the correct way. 

Put the panel you’re using as a spacer up against this first post and use it to determine the exact spot for the second post. You can leave a tiny bit of spare room in between them to make installing the panels easier, but don’t let them be too far away. This method works for both the standard and the black flanged pool fence posts.  

Step 4: Attach Your Flat-Top Pool Fencing Panels

Once your posts are fully installed, it is time to attach the fence panels. Be sure to place a level on top of each panel during its installation, so the whole fence will be level once you are finished. Panels will be attached to the posts using the panel brackets and screws, for a quick installation process. 


To comply with pool fencing regulations, the bottom of the fence needs to be no more than 100mm from the ground. We have found that a height of 50mm looks the best, but your needs may vary. 

Step 5: Install Your Aluminium Pool Fencing Gate Kit

While installing your aluminium gate kit, make sure the gate opens away from the pool – this is important for regulations. The latch also needs to be at least 1500mm above the ground, so access is out of reach for small children. The Magna Latch for pool fences is compliant with all current regulations, thanks to its pull-top latch and self-closing design. We recommend this Australian-made latch as a first choice to all of our customers looking for secure pool fencing. 

Get Started Today!

Now that you know how to install your new pool fence, it’s time to grab a notepad and tape measure and head to the backyard! As soon as you have a plan, Outback Fencing will be ready to ship your new fence to you ASAP. The effort will be worth it, because our premium aluminium black pool fencing is built to last. You’ll only need to do this project once! Get the right fence in days – enjoy it for years.