PVC Vertical Paling Fencing

PVC Vertical Paling Fencing

Choose Professional PVC Vertical Paling Fencing Supplies

Get the right fence in days – enjoy it for years. 


At Outback Fencing, we have made it our mission to provide our customers with durable, affordable fences. Rigorously tested PVC materials ensure you get the fence you deserve, without all the maintenance that timber requires. 

Add Classic Style with a White Paling Fence 

Vertical paling fences are a landscaping staple – they look fantastic alongside a variety of architectural styles. The sleek white PVC palings keep unwanted guests and animals out of your yard, but the gaps let in sunshine and a nice breeze. The PVC vertical paling fencing is an ideal choice for protecting a garden or your front yard. 

Secure Your Property with Long-Lasting PVC Fencing

If you have owned a wooden fence in the past, you may be shocked at the care that a PVC fence requires. Just hose it down once in a while to keep it clean and… that’s it! There’s no repainting, staining, sanding, screw-tightening, or fighting off white ant infestations. 


We work with some of the best Australian suppliers to stock PVC fencing that has been specifically tested in the extreme conditions of Australia. That’s why we can offer a 7-year warranty on all our PVC fencing options and why the vertical paling fencing is one of our top sellers. Our warehouses across Australia are constantly restocking in bulk, so our customers enjoy an average of 3 - 7 days for deliveries and affordable prices. 

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