Hampton Style Planter Boxes - PVC

Hampton Style Planter Boxes - PVC

PVC Planter Boxes to Match Your New Fence


At Outback Fencing, we always say, “Get the right fence in days – enjoy it for years.” But wouldn’t it be nice if more things worked like that? I think we can all agree on that, and here is our first step towards making more of your landscaping and home design an easier experience. 

By Popular Demand: Hampton Style White Planter Boxes

We heard you, and we were able to make it happen. Now, Outback Fencing is pleased to present the White Hampton Style PVC planter boxes! All three sizes come flat-packed and ready to install, just like the popular Hampton Style fencing they match. 


Now you can add a touch of affluence and elegance to any area of your yard or landscaping. These sleek white planter boxes will be right at home on your porch, along your driveway, or sitting poolside. 

Spend More Time Smelling the Roses

These White PVC planter boxes are the quality you’ve come to expect from Outback Fencing, in a new design. 


We could explain how they are sun-stable and weather-resistant thanks to titanium dioxide UV-inhibitors and expert design, but you probably just want to know if you’ll ever have to repaint them. The short answer? No – these planter boxes will not rust, fade, rot, blister, or peel. They are just as prepared for the extreme Australian weather as all our PVC fencing and come with the same 7-year warranty. 


You deserve to spend more of your free time enjoying the fruits (or flowers) of your work, not micromanaging an old-fashioned timber planter box. All three sizes even have a reinforced base to handle whatever plants you wish to grow.