Sliding Security Gates

Sliding Security Gates

Black Crimped Spear-Top Sliding Security Gates

Choose Professional Sliding Security Gate Kits for Your Property 

Get the right fence in days – enjoy it for years.


These security gate kits come ready to install and prepared to defend your property. We know you want to secure your lot or yard, but want to easily enter and exit when it’s time. Our galvanized steel security gates are ready to stand tall across your driveway or entryway, but they won’t be a hassle to use each day. Combined with the crimped-top security fence panels, you can achieve a fully protected perimeter with Outback Fencing. 

Tons of Features to Excel at One Job

A security fence has one job: keep opportunists out and keep your property and people inside. Whether you are looking to protect a corporate parking lot, warehouse facility, or even a schoolyard, Outback Fencing has made your choice clear. 


We only have one line of security fencing right now because it is all you need! We only work with top-notch Australian suppliers to ensure quick access to premium fencing, nationwide. You can receive your new security fencing and sliding gate kits in an average delivery time of 3 - 7 days, flat-packed and ready to roll out. 


These gates are designed with a 6-point welded construction and built out of black powder-coated galvanized solid steel. The spear-top pickets will discourage climbers, while the sturdy build makes sure no one gets through. Recessed gate wheels allow easy opening and closing, and the optional steel wheel track can protect the surface underneath the gate from the wear and tear of daily use. 


Need a different connection fastener? Is your space wider than the standard sliding security gate kit? Does your road require a little extra clearance? We have a full selection of extension kits, gate height adjusters, and fixing kits – this gate can protect your property no matter the situation! Our team is happy to help you find exactly what you need to feel safe again.  

Watch the Sliding Security Gate Video at the Bottom of the Page to Learn More

Sliding Security Gate Kits Installation Video

See just how easy the installation process is, in this video from the manufacturer. Please note that you will need an on-site forklift to unload the gate panels from a delivery, although anyone can arrange for a pickup order from one of our locations across Australia.