Black Crimped Spear Top Security Fencing 1.8mH

Black Crimped Spear Top Security Fencing 1.8mH

Professional Black Spear-Top Security Fencing: 1.8m Fence Panels

Get the right fence in days – enjoy it for years. 


Our heavy duty security fencing is now available in a less imposing size. This version of our classic style spear-top security fencing is 1.8m tall, which is more than enough to protect most properties.  The 1.8m model is ideal for residential properties  or school yards, especially to keep pets and children inside. 

Thoughtful Design, For a Safer Yard

The six-point welded construction makes getting through this fence near impossible, while the crimped spear tips on top make jumping over risky. 


All of our security fencing is made from galvanized steel that has been professionally powder-coated. The surface is virtually maintenance-free so homeowners won’t need to spend more time on fencing after installation. Designed to be durable and long-lasting, this is also a great investment for any business or educational facility. 


These security fence panels come flat-packed and ready to install. We also carry complementary products such as security gate kits and all the latches, hinges, screws, and panel brackets that you'll need to get set up. Want to see just how easy installation can be? Watch the video at the bottom of this page. 

Watch the Security Fencing Installation Video at the Bottom of the Page

Improve Your Home’s Security with a New Fence

We proudly ensure our security fencing meets the requirements of the Department of Education and Training. Crimped spear-top security fencing would be a wonderful addition to any residential boundary, schoolyard, or high-value commercial property.


Order a new 1.8m tall black spear-top security fence today, to protect your property in a matter of weeks. Our average delivery time is just five to seven business days, so be sure to place an order while we still have these panels in stock. 

How To Install A Black Security Fence Panel

This video shows how to install a black security fence once your order arrives. The galvanized steel panels are quite heavy — make sure you get enough help while carrying and installing them. The installation process itself is simple and straightforward. 

Why Choose Outback Fencing?

At Outback Fencing, we are dedicated to providing fencing solutions at the best prices available and as quick as possible. Plenty of people need a fence to protect their property, but most fences on the market were flimsy or just plain ugly. All the options from Outback Fencing have been tested specifically for the environmental challenges of Australia and designed to look great in your yard. You will be able to find a fence that not only surpasses your needs, but also makes you want to show it off. 


We work hard to ensure our warehouses always have these in stock, but the black crimped spear-top fencing has been extremely popular this season. Our competitive prices mean we are always at risk of selling out. So order your new security fence today!