Shipping & Returns


Delivery & Returns Policy


At Outback Fencing, we aim to deliver all orders within 3-7 working days* (Monday to Friday) after we receive your order. These times exclude the end of year delayed delivery period, and closure period (see 1.1 below). This 3-7 working day timeframe also excludes any custom orders, such as (but not limited to) gates, gate posts, or custom panels.

If we ever fail to deliver during a reasonable timeframe (20 working days) you can cancel your order with us and receive a full refund—see Section 3 below regarding cancelled and changed orders, as well as the refunds and returns policy below in Section 4.

We have set up our shopping cart with a delivery zone calculator. This will show you the estimated cost of how much your delivery will be when you put in your full address as well as your postcode.

Reminder: If we can’t deliver to your area, the shopping cart will notify you. In this case, please read below. We can organise to have it shipped to a TOLL depot/agent anywhere in Australia. Please add your items using the add to quote button on our website to build a quote, then submit your quote and we will get a custom delivery price for you.

Our direct delivery zones include most major cities and states, they are in the following locations:

  • SA: Adelaide
  • VIC: Melbourne (Geelong & Dandenong South)
  • NSW: Newcastle (We now also deliver to Sydney contact us for a delivery quote to your address)
  • QLD: Brisbane & Gold Coast
  • WA: Perth

You would be surprised by just how far out we can deliver our products!

If you are outside of our listed direct delivery zones, we can organise to have your order packed on a pallet and delivered to a local TOLL depot/agent anywhere in Australia! Please contact us for a quote. (See Section 6 for contact details).

1.1 End of Year Delayed Delivery Times & Closure Period:

Every year, Outback Fencing receives an influx of orders, typically in the months of October, November, and December. Please note that during this time, the increase in orders may create delivery delays.

When you place an order during this time, we will advise and try to confirm our best delivery date within 2 days. If this doesn’t suit you, we can refund the delivery difference. You may then arrange alternative transport for delivery or arrange to pick it up yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: Outback Fencing does not process orders during our end-of-year closure period. This period is from the 23rd of December to the 14th of January. Business will resume as normal after this period.

1.2 Pick Up ‘Direct from a Local Location’ Option:

After placing an order with us through our online store, there is the option to pick up directly from a local location. Once your order is processed by us and entered, we will contact you via text or email with all the pickup details—including the pickup number.

Locations where orders can be picked up directly from include:

  • SA: Adelaide
  • VIC: Melbourne (Geelong & Dandenong South)
  • NSW: Newcastle
  • QLD: Brisbane & Gold Coast
  • WA: Perth

Please note: In some cases, product type and stock availability might change depending on the pick-up (city location) chosen.



At Outback Fencing, we have strict packing procedures, meaning wrong orders are extremely rare. All of our orders are checked at the time of packing, and double-checked when they’re being shipped. We do this to check the correctness, quality, and quantity of the item(s).

In the event that we should ever accidentally short-change you, please advise us within 48 hours of receiving the item(s) (refer to Section 6 for contact information). Our team will double-check all of our packing & delivery documents, as well as photos. Any mistakes verified in supply will be rectified as soon as possible at our expense.

Please note: we do not accept claims after 48 hours, and we will not accept claims for goods that have been lost, stolen, or damaged, after our delivery.



After checking out a product(s), the order cannot be changed, modified, or cancelled. The only exception to this rule is if your order cannot be delivered within a reasonable time frame—approximately 35 working days.

In this event, we will give the customer the option to cancel their order with a full refund. Keep in mind, this excludes any ‘custom, made-to-order’ products that we may offer.



When an order is delivered, or when picking up an order from a toll warehouse, please inspect the package for any damage before you load it up. In the case there is any damage, please notify the toll of the damage, and also note evidence if required.

When you take the order to its destination, carefully unpack, and check the items for any damage, and notify us within 48 hours of receiving the order so we can notify toll of any damages, and claim insurance on the items.

If a package arrives via toll directly to site, and it appears the product(s) might be damaged, please sign the item on the freight consignment note as “damaged”, and take photos for evidence immediately. This will assist our company with managing a damage claim.

Reminder: Items must be checked, and any damage or defects must be reported within a 24–48-hour timeframe of receiving your order. So, please unpack and inspect your goods as soon as you receive them, and notify us within the 24–48-hour timeframe so we can claim insurance and help you with follow-up action.

         4.1 Damage or Defects:

Outback Fencing takes pride in how we package our products to protect it from damage in transport. All of our orders are checked during the time of packing for damage, and re-checked when we go to ship it.

In the event that you ever receive a damaged product(s) from us, or a defective product (excluding minor paintwork scratches), please get in touch within 48 hours and we will replace it at our expense.

Please note: We are not responsible for (a) any damage or loss of goods that may occur after your order is delivered (for example, during transit); and (b) damage that may occur due to incorrect handling or unpacking of our product(s); and (c) damage due to the goods not being stored in a suitable manner.

To claim that you have received damaged or defective goods, you must notify us within 48 hours. Only damaged or defective parts will be replaced.

4.2 — Returns & Refunds

We only supply and sell products from Australian Companies, and don’t expect that a customer should ever need to use this returns policy—however, in the extremely rare case that any of our products are proven to be faulty or defective, you may return the goods for replacement or refund.

Our product(s) can also be returned if they do not match our product description. Do not return goods without contacting us first (see Section 6 for contact information), and we have confirmed that you have valid reason for returning your goods.

Photo evidence will need to be supplied in this event, or we may need to inspect the goods to verify the claim. For a return to be accepted by us, you must notify us within a 30-day time frame that you wish to return your product. Refunds may take up to 21 days to process.

You have 60 days to return the product to us, if it is out of this window we cannot guarantee a refund on the return.

Please note: For Returns, if the product came in packaging, it must also be returned to us in its original packaging, so we can store it correctly. It must also not have any damage or scuff marks, otherwise we can’t resell it. If we find any scuff marks or damage, we may not be able to refund.


For all issues regarding delivery and returns, please contact us as soon as possible with your order number, and the details of your claims or concerns.

Our team will respond as quickly as we can to resolve any issues that you may have. For all claims, you are required to supply photo evidence with a description, and we will also need to be able to inspect the goods.


Any questions regarding our shipping and returns, or to contact us for a claim, should be sent directly to us. You can reach out to Outback Fencing on the contact us page, or with the following details.

Phone: (02) 4062 0386