PVC Post And Rail Fencing

PVC Post And Rail Fencing

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At Outback Fencing, we understand that you don’t want to spend too much of your time choosing, installing, or maintaining your fences. You deserve better than traditional timber, so we created the PVC post and rail fencing system for a flexible, fast solution. 

Get a Gorgeous White Post and Rail Fence for Your Farm or Yard

Our post and rail fencing quickly creates a sleek, white boundary line for your property in a classic form. Post and rail fencing has been used for generations all over the world, to contain livestock, mark territory, or add a layer of security. 


Post and rail fencing is one of the simplest, cost-effective forms that a fence can take, so it is a clear choice for large properties. It is also easier to install than more elaborate options if your land is not level. 


The post-and-rail style carries aesthetic value by being so recognizable. The standard model is perfect for keeping livestock safe, but we also have more stylish options for your personal property or driveway. English Style fence post caps enhance the classic appeal of your post and rail fence with a decorative finish. We also have solar-powered light fence post caps to provide nightly mood lighting or extra security lighting. 

It’s Time to Ditch Traditional Timber

PVC is a lightweight, affordable fencing material that will outlast timber with none of the dreaded maintenance required. Our PVC products are all enhanced to be UV-resistant and weatherproof, which means no fading, rusting, rotting, or cracking over time. No more time spent repainting or staining a timber fence each year to extend its lifespan. 


Accidents involving wooden or metal fences injure livestock and horseback riders each year. Our customers have expressed how pleased they are to have a fence that is more forgiving of accidents. Horses and livestock can crash into a PVC post and rail fence with a greatly reduced risk of injury, even if they use enough force to completely breach the fence. 


All our fences are thoroughly tested in the specific challenges of the Australian climate and come with a 7-year warranty. Outback Fencing only uses Australian suppliers to provide you with a sturdy fence you can enjoy for years to come. 


Watch the Post and Rail PVC Fencing Installation Video at the Bottom of the Page

Why PVC Is The Perfect Update for Classic Post & Rail Fencing


Post and rail fencing has been a mainstay in the farming industry as long as people have been keeping livestock. The simple form is cost-effective, easy to repair, and has a timeless look. Now, PVC post and rail fencing is positioned to change a large element of farm operation. 


With PVC fencing, farmers can spend less time maintaining their fence line or walking the fence to look for gaps in their farm security. PVC doesn't rot, peel, erode, fade, sag …and it needs a fraction of the maintenance that traditional wooden fencing requires. 


PVC, also commonly referred to as vinyl, is durable yet sleek and stylish. Our white PVC post and rail fencing is a favorite of both farmers and residential homeowners. The PVC itself is easy to clean – it won't stain or rust over time. Hose it off or wipe it clean once in a while to keep it looking fresh, and you are good to get back to more important tasks. 


Not only will PVC fencing save your time and money compared to traditional timber or metal fencing, it's also safer for livestock. The posts and rails are rigid and secure, but they are much less likely to injure an animal that tries to breach the fence or accidentally strikes it.

How To Install a Post and Rail Fence

Many of our customers’ favorite part about our PVC fencing is the quick and easy installation. There's no complicated manual required, and the lightweight PVC itself is much easier to  maneuver than timber or metal. Depending on the size of your property you could have a new fence installed over the weekend.  


The Post & Rail panels come pre-notched with two internal ribs to secure each rail. And in the event that part of your fence becomes damaged by an errant vehicle or animal, it's easy to simply replace that panel instead of a larger section.


Here is a video of the installation process, from Outback Fencing founder Lee: 

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