Glass Pool Fencing

Glass Pool Fencing

Choose an Easy-to-Install Glass Pool Fence, to Preserve Your Yard’s Beauty 

To add a layer of protection around your pool without ruining the view, nothing beats frameless glass pool fencing. Sleek, blemish-free edges are quickly joined together using double friction connections to create a stylish barrier around your pool. 

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Fencing around your pool will keep out swimmers like unsupervised children, pets, and wild animals. A frameless glass pool fence could also reduce the time you spend cleaning the pool, by keeping out debris and trash that is carried on the wind. In many areas, having a pool fence is the law, but glass pool fencing could also potentially lower your home insurance costs by securing your property. 


All of our glass pool fencing is built to pass Australian safety standards with ease, before undergoing our own rigorous quality assurance process. Both of our main lines, Master Range and Polaris, are designed with thick safety glass panels. We have a variety of double friction spigots, hinges, and latch kits to match the style of any home. 


Installation is easy and secure, and we offer a range of fixing kits for concrete or timber. To learn how to install frameless glass fencing, check out the installation videos at the bottom of this page. 


We proudly offer delivery times that average just 3 - 7 days. Get started on your frameless glass pool fencing project today, by using our Free Online Fence Builder. This online tool and our product guides will ensure you get the right fence, the first time. 


Get the right fence in days – enjoy it for years

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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

To give your pool area a sleek and clean look, our frameless glass pool fencing requires installation only at the base, using mounting spigots. These spigots are the key to holding your glass pool panels into place, which is why we suggest our Free Online Fence Builder to anyone planning out their new fence. By ensuring the spigots and panels all fit perfectly together, the installation process will go smoothly and quickly. 


Glass Pool Fencing Installation Videos

We stand by all of our products as being great safety solutions with quick and easy installation. Since you probably want to see it for yourself, we made these videos that will show you exactly how to install a frameless glass pool fence yourself. In each video, Lee the founder of Outback Fencing will show you how to install each type of frameless glass pool fencing: core drilled spigots and base plate spigots. 

Core Drilled Spigot Installation Video

Core drilling your spigots directly into concrete is the traditional way to install fencing like this, but it may be intimidating to homeowners with less concrete experience. Mounting your new fence using core drilling techniques will result in an incredibly sturdy fence installation, so it is still very popular compared to newer techniques. We currently have core drill spigots in both mirror finish and a black finish, and both styles are popular for elegant pool areas. 



Base Plate Spigot Installation Video

Installing your new glass fence using base plates and threaded rods can save serious time over the core drilling method. Pair a threaded rod installation with our chemical anchor compound to create a firm base for your fencing. The Soudafix Chemical Anchor we stock works in a standard caulk gun and typically cures in under an hour – that’s an incredibly fast way to make your fence sturdy against the elements.  

 Anyone Can DIY Install a Gorgeous Glass Pool Fence

Get started designing your new fence today to have it up in just a couple of weeks! Our fast delivery service, easy installation, and customer support should make your DIY pool fence installation a breeze. If you have any questions along the way, please give us a call or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.