PVC Semi Privacy Picket Fencing

PVC Semi Privacy Picket Fencing

Hampton Style PVC Semi Privacy Fencing Supplies 

Get the right fence in days – enjoy it for years. 


At Outback Fencing, we believe you deserve a fence you’ll love, without breaking the bank or your back. Our Hampton Style semi-privacy picket fencing finally makes affluent style an affordable choice that you can install yourself. 

Refine Your Yard with a White Hampton Style Fence

Semi-privacy fence panels are commonly associated with a lifestyle full of the finer things in life, and our Hampton Style fencing is definitely a thing of beauty. A classic white picket fence, these can add class to your yard and get the neighbors talking. Most of our customers use this style for their front fence, but a Hampton Style fence would add simple elegance to the backyard as well. 


Hampton-style fences and gates are some of our all-time Best Sellers! Thanks to that popularity and our warehouses throughout Australia, we are able to offer insane delivery times and prices. Outback Fencing shipments take an average of just 3 - 7 days, flat-packed and ready for a quick installation. To see how to install semi-privacy fencing, watch the video at the bottom of this page. 

PVC Semi-Privacy Picket Fencing Blows Traditional Timber Away

In the past, fencing was made with stone, timber, or metal, but PVC has changed the game. Not only are PVC semi-privacy fences stylish and easy to maintain, but the lightweight design installs in a fraction of the time. 


We only work with the best Australian suppliers, so all our PVC picket fencing comes with a 7-year warranty.  All Outback Fencing products have been thoroughly tested in the extreme weather of Australia, and we add a UV-resistant coating to our PVC fencing. A properly maintained PVC fence could last more than 30 years, so a timeless style like this can last you decades. 


Watch the Semi-Privacy PVC Fencing Installation Video at the Bottom of the Page


Lee, the founder of Outback Fencing, is passionate about making the process easier for all of our customers. So, he has taken the time to record installation videos for most fencing options from our PVC fencing suppliers. In these videos you will see just how easy a DIY PVC fence installation can be. If you still have questions about your PVC fence, Melbourne and Australia residents should feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

5 Benefits of Installing a PVC Semi Privacy Fence

At Outback Fencing, you can buy your semi privacy picket fence online without the need to make a trip to the store or get hassled by the store clerk. PVC fencing has many benefits, and we ensure you’ll never need to look back after you buy a semi privacy fence.


PVC picket fencing lasts forever, unlike its metal and timber alternatives. There’s no need to worry about termites, rot, peeling, rust or other effects caused by various natural elements. You can install your PVC fencing near the ocean or inland; it won’t make a difference. Enjoy a rust-free fence starting today.


Are you tired of repainting your fence each year? Of gouges and peeling in your timber and metal fencing? A PVC semi privacy fence is easy to maintain, as you can simply wipe it down. Using a wet cloth or sponge, or even just hosing it down, removes any dirt. You don’t have to repaint every year, as our PVC fencing doesn’t peel or fade.


PVC fencing has small gaps between the pickets to allow airflow while still maintaining your privacy. It also allows light through, ensuring your yard stays light and airy while maintaining your privacy in style. Our panels are 2388mm wide x 1200mm high, with a smooth white finishing.


This stylish and sleek design is the perfect option for a front or backyard fence. It can also be used on a deck less than 1m high off the ground, allowing you to keep an eye on your kids in the backyard. You can buy online and choose how much you need. We sell our semi privacy picket fence panels and posts separately. This allows you to customise your fencing only to what you need.


There’s no need to hire a company and have a bunch of strangers on your property. PVC privacy fences can be bought online and delivered to your doorstep in all major Australian metro areas. We provide a tutorial video on easily installing your semi privacy fencing without a fuss or expensive tools needed. This DIY fencing is the perfect option for an easy installation.

Transforming Your Space with Expert Fencing Supplier

Online supply means you can get started on your installation immediately. All our products come with a 7 year fencing warranty. Because of our online services and our warehouses situated across Australia, we cut out most of our overhead costs, while still providing convenient collection services and expedited deliveries for rural areas.

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