Aluminium Blade Fencing

Aluminium Blade Fencing

If you want top-quality Aluminium Blade Fencing – Go with BARR Fencing.

Are you looking to add some style and safety to your pool? Then the BARR aluminium blade fencing is perfect. The BARR design is quickly becoming the go-to style, with its “floating battens” look. This unique, seamless style of fencing is achieved through 25x25mm rails passing through precision-punched holes in pickets measuring at 50x25mm.

This BARR style of blade fencing panels is unrivaled when it comes to aesthetic and durability. It’s strong, stylish, and perfect for adding security to your home and pool. The fencing panels also come in two different colour options: satin black and pearl white. It also comes with top-caps pre-inserted on the pickets.


Ready To Install Pre-Welded Panels!

These Fencing Panels come pre-welded and ready to install.

These panels are ready to install with no extra mucking around. At Outback Fencing, we aim to accommodate for all fencing plans and needs. We offer these BARR fencing panels in a range of different height and width options. For example, there are height options starting at 1000mm high, going upwards to 1800mm. The panels are also easy to cut down when it comes to width.

We also offer all the accessories you’ll need to go along with your aluminium fencing. Our store stocks matching BARR gates in the iconic "floating battens” look. Outback Fencing also has the required posts, plates, and other hardware available down below.

Get the right fence in days – Enjoy it for years.

At Outback Fencing, we pride ourselves on our prompt delivery services, and the quality of our products. Our range of fencing – including the above fencing goes through rigorous quality control. Our entire Aluminium Blade Fencing range above also comes with a Geniune Akzo Nobel powder coat finish. This will protect the aluminium alloy material used for years to come.

Need help with installation? We’ve got a Floating Batten Fencing Guide Below.

These fencing panels are built with easy installation in mind. There is no welding required, and you can jump right into assembly! If you still require more support regarding installation, feel free to contact us. Any required accessories and hardware for fixing the blade fencing can be found above in the store. Whether you need chemical anchors, or compatible brackets – we've got you covered.

Why choose Aluminium Blade Fencing Panels?

Along with the seamless, stylish “floating batten” look, it’s also practical. The aluminium used for constructing the fencing is naturally resistant to insects and bugs. The non-porous nature of the metal also stops the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mould.

On top of that, aluminium fencing is quickly becoming more cost-effective compared to traditional fencing materials – like steel and timber. It comes at a portion of the cost, requires less upkeep, whilst providing the same strength and durability.

Order from Outback Fencing now for fast delivery.

Wondering about shipping and delivery information? We aim to deliver all our orders – including this BARR blade fencing in 3 to 7 business days (Monday to Friday) for our direct delivery zones. *Keep in mind, this excludes any custom orders.

If you’re outside one of our direct delivery zones (check the locations) we have alternative options. We can pack the fencing supplies on a pallet and deliver it to your local TOLL depot, or you can pick it up from one of our warehouses. Just ask us for a quote!