1 Way PVC Post (End Post) Full Privacy - 127mm x 127mm x 2500mm Long. Includes Slimline Post Cap

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1 Way PVC Post (End Post) Full Privacy - 127mm x 127mm x 2500mm Long. Includes Slimline Post Cap

Quality, style, and value are as easy as 1-2-3 with Outback Fencing.

Are you the proud owner of one of our Fencing Panel Kits, and now you need the posts? Look no further.  Your fence will look sturdy and strong, with our high-quality products.  Designed with your needs in mind.

Get the right fence in days - enjoy it for years


1-Way PVC Post (End Post) Tech Specs -

  • Our 1 Way PVC Post (End Post) Full Privacy is 127mm x 127mm x 2500mm Long
  • With 3.8mm wall thickness. 
  • It comes with an innovative Slimline Post Cap.

Durable and weather-resistant -  Protective titanium dioxide additives protect your post from the harsh Australian sun.  The high-quality material will stand the test of time without losing any of its shine.

Top and bottom rail insertion -  is made easy by the inclusion of slotted holes measuring 153mm High x 53mm Wide. These rails provide extra strength and rigidity, making your post more likely to go the length.

Start or Finish – Use this product as either a start or finish post.  It is strong but not sturdy enough for hanging or latching a gate.  Use these for your fencing posts, and use our specialized PVC gate posts for installing your gate. You can purchase gate posts by clicking here.

No Rust, No Peeling -  Our high-quality PVC will keep your fence looking like the newest in the neighborhood. It’s got the looks and the staying power to remain in the game – what more could you possibly want?

5-Star Product – We have many client reviews substantiating our claim to top-quality materials and design.  Don’t take our word for it; check out the reviews on our website.

Perfectly Finished – Our White PVC 1-way End Post is perfectly crafted to specifications.  At Outback Fencing, if it’s not perfect, it’s not one of ours.

Smooth, clean lines – the classic white reflects light in a clean and pristine glow.  Outline your yard with pure, white brilliance and make a statement to your neighborhood.

7-year Warranty on PVC 1-Way Post – Talk is cheap, so we like to put our money where our mouth is.  Here at Outback Fencing, we offer a 7-year fencing Warranty because we know that our products are of outstanding quality.  We’re as dependable as the sun in summer.

Outback Fencing offers the best fencing deals in Australia.  Our quality fencing gives you value, simplicity, and style. So go on - contact us today.

Outback Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty. (Subject to warranty conditions - see our terms and conditions).