50x50mm Post Base Plate - with screws (Choose Colour)

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50x50mm Post Base Plate - with screws (Choose Colour)

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50x50mm post base plate - with screws

All you need to do is screw the base plate onto the 50x50 post and then you’re ready to go!

Easy to install and high-quality, you won’t find a better base plate option! This base plate set is a great choice for any fencing configuration.

These base plates even come with the required screws needed for fixing. Here is a list of specifications:

  • These base plates are designed to be used with 50x50 aluminium posts.
  • The base plates are made from a high-quality aluminum material with a powder coated finish.
  • The powder coated finish is genuine Interpon, and is great for adding an extra coat of durability.
  • The powder coat also helps the base plate keep colour and stop the paint from chipping.
  • This set also comes with 4 x 12G x 50mm long CSK screws.

Important reminder: These base plates are suitable for use only with the XP-2400-FP posts and XP-1800-FP posts. We stock those aluminium posts in our store too.

We also have 65 x 65mm aluminium base plates available for the bigger aluminium posts.

These base plates are compliant with the Australian Standards and pool fencing regulations.

There’s no need to stress about whether these base plates are usable for pool fencing! They comply with the laws and regulations regarding the load requirements.

If you ever have any questions about pool fencing laws and standards in your area, you can always contact your local council.

We also put our products through strict testing and quality control. You can rest assured these base plates are high grade.

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance or have enquiries relating to these base plates and installation. We’re happy to offer any guidance!

How long will it take for the base plates to arrive?

This will depend on where you’re located. If you are residing or shipping our products to a metro area, we aim for 3-7 business days. We also offer warehouse pick-up options which may be easier.

If you’re in a rural area, delivery may take longer. You can call us for a custom delivery quote. We can also arrange to have any products shipped to your local TOLL depot.

These aluminium base plates are safe to use, and also rust proof!

The aluminium material used in these base plates are flame retardant. You won’t have to worry about it catching on fire!

The material and powder coating layer used also makes the base plates naturally resistant to the growth of any mould or mildew.

These base plates also have the option for various colour styles – so you can get it to match with your fencing post (or be a standout piece)! The colour options are: black, pearl white, woodland grey, and monument.

Outback Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty. (Subject to warranty conditions - see our terms and conditions).