Black Panel Brackets for Security Fencing 4x pack

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Black Panel Brackets for Security Fencing 4x pack

Get the perfect security fencing set-up today! This pack of panel brackets comes with everything you need.

These panel brackets come in a pack of four, and also comes with self-drilling Tek screws. In total, this pack features four brackets and ten Tek screws.

This bracket set comes with everything you need for fixing your security fencing, and ensuring it holds together.

It also comes in a stylish satin black finish, so it’s just as sleek as it is functional. If you require any assistance with installation, or have any enquiries – feel free to contact us.

You’re able to give our main office a call, or send us an email. We try to respond to any enquiries as soon as possible.


  • These brackets are made from a high-quality aluminium material.
  • The aluminium is great for durability and cost effectiveness.
  • It’s cheaper than other materials like steel, whilst providing the same strength.
  • The brackets are also powder coated, which ensures for a clean finish and extra corrosion resistance.
  • These brackets are designed for used with 40mm x 40mm rails.


These brackets and screws are suitable for use with the rest of our security fencing range. You can check out a list of our security fencing products here.

Self-drilling Tek screws are a great choice as they don’t require pilot holes. It makes installation more efficient, and you won’t need to buy any additional drill bits!

The Tek screws also come in a matching satin black finish, so they look nice with the brackets.

Fencing is only ever as strong as the brackets and fixing holding it together.

We deliver our products within a 3-7 business day timespan if you’re located in a metro area. These locations are: Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Newcastle, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

We also offer warehouse pick-up services if you’d prefer, as well as delivery to your local TOLL depot if you’re outside of a direct delivery location. Just give us a call please for a custom delivery quote.

These brackets are pretty straight forward to install. Just simply affix the brackets with the screws to your fencing posts.

Reminder: This set of panel brackets and screws aren’t to be confused with our galvanised steel premium brackets.

Whilst both are used for security fencing purposes, they are made from different materials. However, if you’re looking for a good alternative, that pack is one.

Outback Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty. (Subject to warranty conditions - see our terms and conditions).