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Posted by Outback Fencing on 9th Nov 2022

Choosing between Aluminium and Glass Pool Fencing

The joy of having a pool in your private little kingdom is unsurpassed in the summer months. Pool fencing is secondary only to getting a pool in the first place. Here, we will discuss the differences between aluminium and glass pool fencing and which option is best for you.

What is Aluminium Pool Fencing?

Aluminium pool fencing is made of powder-coated lightweight aluminium. It is a popular pool fencing option as it is rust-resistant, durable and cost-effective with minimum maintenance. If your aluminium pool fence is installed correctly, you will have many years of pool safety and summer fun.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Aluminium Pool Fencing

  • Affordability: Aluminium pool fencing is the go-to option if you’re on a tight budget. Aluminium pool fencing costs around $90 to $120 per metre. You can also save on labour expenses when choosing the DIY option and installing your pool fencing.
  • Maintenance: Since aluminium pool fencing doesn’t rust, the powder coating increases durability and fades resistance. Occasional cleaning might be needed, and salt water will cause corrosion in the long term.
  • Poor visibility: The bars on aluminium pool fencing give it a caged-in feel and limit visibility in the pool area from afar.
  • Strength: aluminium pool fencing is not the strongest metal out there and might not hold up well if you choose the thinnest option. Your pool fence gate will be the weakest link and can easily be manipulated by determined children.

What is Glass Pool Fencing?

Glass pool fencing options are available with or without frames, frameless glass pool fencing being the most popular. Glasspool fence panels are installed on a metal bar and secured to the ground around your pool. Glass pool fencing has increased in popularity as it creates the illusion of there being no barrier but still providing the paramount pool safety.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Glass Pool Fencing

  • Local regulations: The glass pool fence panels have to be safety glass approved by Australian safety standards. Local council regulations might also apply regarding the type of glass pool fencing you can install.
  • Family safety: Frameless glass pool fencing is a great option for families with children and pets. It gives you clear visibility of the entire pool area and the surrounding garden. The glass fence pool gate is secured with a magnetic lock and is difficult to climb.
  • Value-added to your home: any pool fence is good for your market value, but a frameless glass pool fence is not just good for the pool. You enhance the entire backyard area and open your house to outdoor entertaining, thereby increasing the value of your home. A frameless glass pool fence’s clean, modern aesthetic will enhance your backyard and landscaping.
  • Durability: Frameless glass pool fences are very durable, but it is the more expensive pool fence option. The glass pool fence panels are costly, and experienced contractors must install your frameless glass pool fencing to ensure the longevity and low maintenance pool fence you choose.
  • Maintenance: Your frameless glass pool fence comes with minimum maintenance. Occasional spraying down with water, washing with soap and water when necessary and regular inspections will all assist in maintaining your frameless glass pool fence.

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