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Posted by Outback Fencing on 27th Sep 2022

Why PVC Fencing is Better than Timber

The options for fencing solutions are endless. As you and your neighbours will be looking at it every day, it is a worthwhile exercise to look at all your fencing options.

First, you must decide the purpose of the fence you want to erect. Once your needs have been clearly outlined, you can start to look at fencing supplies and contractors.

The Price Difference between PVC and Timber Fencing

PVC fencing has risen in popularity for various reasons, the primary being its price. A standard two-rail PVC fence can be supplied from as little as AUS$40 per metre, whereas timber fencing can start from AUS$75 per metre.

Standard PVC fencing would cost around AUS$40 to AUS$90 per metre, excluding installation. Installation can run you anything between AUS$55 to AUS$180. Your PVC fencing supplier would be able to provide a specific quote for your project. Make sure to get plenty of quotes to compare the overall price.

Quality of PVC Fencing vs. Timber Fencing

Quality considerations are a must when erecting a fence. Buying a quality PVC fence product should always be your primary objective, as a cheap PVC fence alternative will require more repairs and maintenance. This works out more expensive in the long run, not to mention all the hassle it will cause you.

PVC fencing will not warp, rot, or be damaged by rain or insects. It requires almost no maintenance and is easy to install - even on your own.

Timber fencing has a natural look and might have more colour options, but it will require annual sand, paint, and insect treatments and might warp, swell and rot in harsh weather.

Maintenance of PVC Fencing vs. Timber Fencing

PVC fencing requires little to no maintenance. It gets sprayed down once a week to maintain the clean look but needs nothing else. It is made up of recyclable materials, so it is the go-to option for environmentally friendly homeowners. PVC fencing does not discolour over time and will maintain its clean, sleek look for years.

Timber fencing is durable in terms of structure but has the immediate drawback of a lot of maintenance. If it is not well maintained, you will have insect infestations, warping and buckling, and rotting posts and panels. It does increase property value, but any prospective homeowner will question the maintenance involved in committing to a timber fence. Although it can be appealing in various colours, you need to consider the amount of work involved with keeping it in tip-top shape.

Longevity of PVC Fencing vs. Timber Fencing

PVC fencing has a 20 to 50-year life span, with barely any maintenance required. Timber fencing has a maximum 20-year life span, with annual maintenance and constant replacement of boards and panels.

PVC fencing regularly outlasts timber fencing where durability is concerned. PVC fencing consists of high-quality PVC and recycled materials to give you a fencing option tailor-made for Australian environmental aggressors. With titanium oxide in the mix, PVC fencing can outlive your best timber fence and even yourself.

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