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Posted by Lee benson on 12th Sep 2022

The Life Expentancy of PVC Fencing

Fencing around your property should not be the last consideration when making home improvements. Aside from safety reasons, fencing adds property value as well as providing privacy. PVC fencing is quickly growing in popularity and should be considered as a viable option.

PVC Fencing: What is it, exactly?

PVC fencing is a synthetic fence made from plastic, vinyl, or PVC. A PVC fence is made with vinyl, polypropylene, nylon, and other recycled plastic materials. The specific composites of PVC fencing are determined by how much weather exposure it will have to endure and can be adapted to accommodate all elements, including UV exposure, strength and stability, and heat resistance. Colour options may be limited, but a wide variety of styles are available, including picket, lattice, and even split-rail.

How Long Does a Vinyl Fence Last?

PVC fences require little maintenance and are highly durable. With proper care and correct installation, you can expect a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 50 years out of your initial investment.

Cleaning involves spraying it down with water whenever you feel the need arises. Simple.

By contrast, wooden fences require sanding and painting or staining periodically. Wood fences also tend to swell after heavy rains, and long-term exposure to elements without proper maintenance will result in a rotted, dilapidated fence.

PVC fencing has none of those troubles. As PVC fencing is available primarily in white, you don’t have to worry about the colour fading over time. 

How does PVC Fencing handle the Australian weather?

Australian weather is known to be harsh, more so in certain regions. You either drown in the wet seasons or wrinkle in the outback. You will need a fencing solution that can work where you need it. PVC fencing is the long-lasting maintenance-free solution you have been holding out for.

PVC fencing is termite and wood-boring insect resistant. It will not warp, and replacing rotten boards that compromise the structural integrity of your fence will not be necessary. 

How much maintenance does PVC Fencing require?

Maintenance on a PVC fence is almost non-existent. Other than spraying it down once a week, your PVC fence will only require you to admire it.

Some PVC fencing options include a range of colours, textures, and customisable sizes. This allows you to get the picket fence look without the picket fence maintenance. 

Is PVC Fencing long-lasting?

PVC fencing has proven to be cheaper than real wood fencing and outshines in terms of maintenance. PVC fences allow for easy installation and are four times more flexible than regular wooden fences. This allows PVC fences to withstand those harsh Australian weather conditions. Your PVC fence might just outlive you with a life expectancy of 20 to 50 years.

Should the worst happen and a freak accident damages your PVC fence, the damaged panels are very easy to replace and install. Getting the best PVC fencing product includes working with professional PVC fence suppliers and contractors, who will supply and install the product to the correct specifications to ensure the long-lasting result you want.

Searching the internet for PVC Fencing Near Me will provide you with all the necessary contractor information you will need to make the best decision for your fencing supplies.

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