How to choose the best fence for your home & garden

Posted by Outback Fencing on 31st May 2022

What’s the Best Fencing for Your Garden?

When choosing the best fence for your garden, there are many factors to consider apart from what catches your eye. Especially in our harsh Australian climate, garden fences need to serve a purpose beyond complementing your property and should be able to maintain that purpose over time. Here at Outback Fencing, your PVC fence suppliers, we'll give you some ideas about what to consider when choosing a garden fence and offer recommendations based on our expertise.


Firstly, the style of the fence you choose should fit your home's aesthetic and architecture. Is your home style modern, Victorian, mid-century, or urban contemporary? Our Hampton Style PVC fencing range offers various options to add a clean and stylish finish to your home. Our fencing caters to all heights and corner requirements for your garden space. We also offer post and rail fencing for those who want more of a bare fence instead of our standard solid range. Post and rail fencing is a great choice for displaying a landscaped garden.


The next factor to consider is security. Keeping your property and those who live on it safe is of the utmost importance. What animals are common in your area? Knowing this will help in deciding which type of fencing you should install. Outback Fencing is an industry leader in security fencing, and we offer black crimped spear top fencing and sliding security gates made from galvanised steel.


Most homeowners like to keep their privacy protected but also might want to share their beautiful garden with neighbours. How secluded do you want your garden to be? At Outback Fencing, we offer both full privacy fencing and semi privacy fencing to suit the needs of your home and garden.

Plants and Spacing

Once you’ve chosen your style and privacy preference, you should then think about which plants feature in your garden and how much space you’re working with. If you choose semi privacy fencing, you’re going to want to show off your garden but not have the fencing overshadow it. This is why PVC fencing is again an excellent choice. It’s solid and simple enough to protect your garden and keep the focus on your flowers and plants. We also offer a range of planter boxes with a reinforced base to hold larger plants.


The last factor to think about before choosing your fence is your budget. How much are you willing to spend on fencing your property? Fencing can cost a lot these days, so if you’re looking for something cost-effective but also of excellent quality, we recommend installing a PVC fence.

Why a PVC Fence Is Best

PVC material is strong and durable, requiring little to no maintenance. It’s also UV-resistant, so able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. PVC fencing cost is cheaper than other fencing materials such as metal and timber. At Outback Fencing, we only provide the best local products, and our PVC fencing comes with a seven-year warranty.

We deliver your fencing parts along with everything you need to install your PVC fence in your garden. Alternatively, you’re welcome to collect your order from an Outback PVC fencing warehouse. Get in touch with us today if you’re looking to buy PVC fencing, and we’ll help you choose the perfect fence for your property at the best price.

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With over a decade of experience in all things Australian-made fencing solutions, Lee Benson is one of Adelaide's most trusted names in fencing. Lee takes great pride in making sure that Outback Fencing's range of fencing supplies is designed to provide Australian homeowners and business owners with all the security and design essentials that they need to get the very most out of their property fencing.

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