How to install a full privacy PVC fence

Posted by Outback fencing on 31st May 2022

Installing Your Full Privacy PVC Fence

At Outback Fencing, you can buy PVC fencing, whether it’s a full privacy fence, semi privacy fencing or other. As PVC fence suppliers, we have PVC fencing warehouses all over Australia. You can either have your fencing shipped to your door or pick it up from any of our PVC fencing warehouses. We sell the fence panels, posts and rails separately to ensure you can customise them to your requirements. Depending on how many panels, posts and gates you need, the cost of fencing will vary.

Before buying your privacy fence panels and posts, you need to measure out exactly where they’ll go, so you know how much you should get. After you’ve bought your fence materials, it’s time to install them; but how do you install them?


The great benefit of our PVC privacy fencing is that you can easily DIY it instead of hiring an installation team. We also provide an installation video on our website.


After measuring out where your fence will go and spanning your string line to ensure a level fence, you’ll need to measure where your posts will stand. All our PVC fence panels are the same width and made to fit a centre to centre post-installation of 2,450mm. So you need to measure out 2,450mm strips, marking the space in between these strips as where you need to place the posts. Holes for the posts should be around 300mm x 300mm and between 600mm and 700mm deep and can be made with a regular shovel. If you want an easier time making the holes, we recommend using a double-handed shovel or a motorised auger.

Post Installation

When you buy a privacy fence from Outback Fencing, it’ll be delivered in a cardboard box and includes a top and bottom rail and the insert panels. To make the installation easier and ensure level fences, it’s best to mark on your posts where the string line will reach them and the centre of the post width. When you start the installation, you’ll place your posts in the holes and pour in concrete to ensure the posts remain in place. Ensure you use the correct posts, i.e. double-sided, single-sided or gate posts in the correct holes.

Panels and Rail Installation

Once your posts are in, you take the bottom rail with an aluminium rail inside it for extra strength and slide it into the slots at the bottom of the posts. Once the bottom rail is popped in, you can slide the panels in on top of it, with two U-channels that you slide on either end of the panels that meet the posts. Once you’ve placed your last panel, you can now slide the top rail onto the panels and pop it into the slots at the top of the posts. After this, one section of your fence is finished, and you can add post caps to the top of the posts for a sleek finish. These steps are repeated until you have the entirety of your full privacy PVC fence set up. It depends on how fast you work and how much fencing you must complete, but installing one section of your fencing can be done within 30 minutes or less.

Buy Your PVC Full Privacy Fencing Today

As PVC fence suppliers, we want to ensure that customers who buy our privacy fence have an easy time installing and maintaining it. PVC doesn’t rust, rot, peel or stain, so it’s easy to maintain and clean. Installing it doesn’t require heavy power tools or other unnecessary materials, as the posts and rails come with grooves, slots and latches to ensure an easy installation. So when you get your privacy fence, rest assured that you can easily do a DIY installation.

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