Top Pool Landscaping Tips: How To Update Your Pool For Summer

Top Pool Landscaping Tips: How To Update Your Pool For Summer

Posted by Lee Benson on 28th Nov 2023

With summer virtually around the corner here in Australia, now is the perfect time to start freshening up your garden to prepare for all the backyard barbies and pool parties that are to come. And speaking of pool parties, making sure that your pool area is safe, secure, and superbly decorated for hosting is naturally key to getting ready for Aussie summer fun.

Whether you’re preparing to have the family over for Christmas lunch or are just hoping to host a few games of backyard cricket followed by some cooling swims, you want to make sure that your backyard pool area is decked out for both the comfort of your guests and for keeping all your holiday snaps looking picture perfect.

To help, we’ll be sharing some top pool fencing, landscaping, and other general design tips that’ll turn your backyard swimming pool into its own oasis.

How To Update Your Pool For Summer

Freshen up your pool fencing

To begin, we’ll start with what we know best: pool fencing. Most Australian states maintain the same regulatory requirements when it comes to pool fencing. This includes stipulations like ensuring your pool fencing is at least 1200mm high, is fitted with a hinged gate, and is free from any damage that could cause breaches. So if your existing pool fencing has accrued its fair share of cracks or rips, now is actually the perfect time to install a new one.

If you have a smaller backyard space, then installing glass pool fencing around your swimming pool can help maintain the illusion of space whilst still ensuring that your pool area is secured and kept separate from your wider garden. Our glass fencing here at Outback Fencing has been manufactured using thick safety glass panels to provide added durability. Double friction spigots for holding your glass fencing panels securely in place as well as stainless steel hinges and mounted latches further support the strength of our glass pool fencing supplies.

Be sure to use this free online fence builder tool to help you plan out your glass pool fencing prior to purchasing your supplies. With this little bit of planning and preparation done and dusted, you can make sure that you’re purchasing the perfect amount of panels and fencing accessories to get your new glass pool fence installed in time for summer.

Update your pool decking

Are your pool deck tiles looking a little worse for wear? Water stains, scum lines, and calcium buildups can wreak havoc on the surfaces of your pool deck tiling. Without regular cleaning, your tiles will build up dark smudges over time. And the longer these smudges stick around, the harder they are to remove completely.

Thankfully, there are easy solutions for protecting your pool deck tiling without having to spend copious amounts of time cleaning, nor having to spend substantial sums in replacing your pool tiling completely. One of our favourite solutions here is simply investing in Trex composite decking.

Produced using high quality composite wood materials (95% of which have been recycled), our composite decking is a great low-maintenance solution for resurfacing your pool decking. These versatile decking boards can be easily installed in a matter of days, and can be maintained in a similarly fuss-free manner. All you really need to keep your boards clean is scrub them with soap and water.

And that raises a vital question for all pool owners: how does this decking hold up against moisture? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that Trex composite decking has also been designed to be resistant to rotting and cracking or wood warping. This means that you can expect your composite decking to look perfect all summer long, with no treatments required.

Our composite decking is also available in 7 different wood grain colours, so you can feel free to choose a timber shade that complements your wider pool set-up perfectly. If you’re looking to invest in black aluminium blade fencing for your pool, you could choose a lighter, sandier shade of Trex decking like Rope Swing for colour contrast, or you could complement your black aluminium with some burnt umber shades instead.

Add some palms and potted plants

Nothing says poolside lounging than overhanging palm trees. Watching the light summer breeze rustle palm fronds just exudes this air of paradise. And considering we’re in for a hot summer this year, it’s all the more reason to add a little natural shelter and shade to your pool area.

Thankfully, adding plants to your pool area can be as easy as adding plant palms and other tall trees around the inner perimeter of your pool fencing. Just make sure that the trees aren’t at all scalable by pets or young children, as they could be used to bypass your pool fencing and gates.

If you’re concerned about planting overhanging trees for this reason, you could position some PVC planter boxes around your pool fencing to frame your pool area in some garden greenery. Our Hampton style planters are guaranteed to mesh perfectly with a variety of different tropical plants like cannas, agave plants, and coastal woolly bushes for those looking to add a little native Australian flora to their backyard pool set-up.

Define your pool design scheme

Finally, one surefire way to get your backyard pool looking as inviting as possible is just making sure that you’ve designed your pool area with a summer-ready theme in mind. Are you looking to create a pool area that feels like a tropical resort? Do you want a space that’s more minimalistic to complement your home’s wider contemporary design scheme? Or do you want a pool space that boasts lighter colours and natural textures so that it melds into your zen-inspired garden?

Answering these questions now can not only help you select all your backyard and pool area decor items. It can also help you determine which pool fencing and accessories you’ll need to create a backyard pool area that exceeds all your expectations.

For instance, if you want to go with a tropical paradise theme or perhaps even a stylish tiki bar theme, you could add a bamboo bar, some matching stools, install some stylish matching torches, and perhaps even perforated pool fencing that boasts complementary palm deco pattern work.


As you can see, there are plenty of options available to you when designing or landscaping your backyard pool set-up. So be sure to do plenty of research into the design schemes and decor items that are within your reach. With a clear understanding of what you want your fully refreshed pool area to look like, you can create the backyard swimming pool set-up that’s the place to be this summer.

Want to know more about any of the pool fencing and other garden design products we’ve shared in today’s blog? Then get in touch with our team at Outback Fencing today! We’re always keen to help Aussie homeowners take full control over their backyard spaces.

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