The Best Fencing & Gates For Coastal Areas

The Best Fencing & Gates For Coastal Areas

Posted by Lee Benson on 11th Sep 2023

From combating salt spray to factoring in heavy coastal winds, it’s safe to say that the maintenance requirements of coastal properties differ drastically to those of suburban properties. Thankfully, Australian fencing supplies have been developed to ensure that they’re up to the task, providing coastal homeowners with added peace of mind that their property’s boundary fencing can protect their homes and garden spaces.

But there’s more to selecting fencing for coastal areas than just considering aesthetics. There are a range of different fencing materials to select from, all of which have their own unique selling points. So how do you find the most suitable fencing and gates for your unique beachfront or waterfront property?

We’ll be answering this question today by outlining the best fencing and gates for coastal areas. Read on for an in-depth overview of the best types of fencing and gates to suit coastal homes and other properties that are exposed to the elements.

PVC Fencing

Rust is highly likely to be the first maintenance concern that comes to mind when you think of coastal properties, and rightly so. Coastal areas tend to have three elements in abundance: water, oxygen, and salt. These just so happen to be the key ingredients for rust formation and corrosion in coastal areas. As a result, coastal homeowners tend to seek out coastal fencing that’s ‘rustproof’, or as close to ‘rustproof’ as it’s possible to get.

That’s one of several reasons why our PVC fencing is considered to be the go-to best fencing material for coastal properties. A modern, low-cost and highly durable alternative to traditional timber or steel fencing, our PVC fencing has been constructed using high-strength polyvinyl chloride. This PVC material is hardy and weather-resistant by design (and thanks to its titanium dioxide UV-inhibitors), as it does not rust, warp, or even fade when exposed to harsh sunlight.

Our PVC coastal fencing is also available in a range of different styles, including a PVC full privacy fencing style with no slats, as well as semi-privacy or slat-top styles. Simply select the best PVC coastal fencing to complement your beachfront home.

And if you are looking to invest in the aesthetic appeal of your coastal property and maintain a Hamptons coastal-inspired design scheme, you’ll be happy to hear that we offer Hampton style planter boxes to complement your white PVC fencing. Just like our PVC fencing, these PVC planter boxes are sturdy, UV resistant, and rustproof, ensuring that your garden plants stay well-protected against harsh ocean winds.

Steel Fencing

Contrary to popular belief, steel isn’t actually naturally rust-resistant. That’s why iron, steel, and other raw metal materials, require treatment prior to being used as fencing, roofing, and other structures that may be exposed to the elements.

That’s why the best steel fencing for coastal areas are galvanised. This means that they’re treated with a zinc substrate that bonds to the steel via electrodes. This treatment method is also how Colorbond steel gets its name.

If you’re looking for the best fencing and gates for coastal properties, you’ve probably already been reading up on the benefits and general durability of Colorbond fencing. Colorbond fencing and gates are an ideal choice for coastal properties, primarily due to their sturdy construction, exceptional weather-resistance, and consistent value for money.

As Colorbond paint colours are baked into the steel during the material treatment process, you can be rest assured that the colour of your Colorbond fencing will last for years to come, and that you will rarely (if ever) experience paint peeling or chipping off your fencing. Our Colorbond steel fencing is also available in over 20 different colour variants, with a range of neutral and signature shades to select from.

So if the clean and understated Hamptons style isn’t the dream design for your coastal property, you can easily go for something more bold and striking by securing some beach-friendly Colorbond fencing instead.

Aluminium Fencing

Unlike raw steel, our aluminium fencing supplies are naturally rust- and corrosion-resistant. This means that they’re ready to perform at their best when installed on your coastal property.

The primary benefits of aluminium fencing is that it’s of a more lightweight construction to Colorbond fencing, and is available in batten and blade styles rather than just solid fencing panels. And like all of our fencing products here at Outback Fencing, our range of aluminium fencing has been rigorously tested to ensure that it can withstand the harshest Australian weather conditions. Simply put, you’ll find that our aluminium fencing and gates are more than ideal to be installed in coastal areas.

And if you’re in the market for aluminium pool fence panels, we have you covered here too. We have aluminium pool fencing available in a range of different styles, including bladed fencing, flat top fencing, and even perforated mesh pool fencing in uniform perforated or palm deco pattern designs. These pool fences can help combat salt spray or saltwater contamination of freshwater pools, alongside reducing the risks of sand, plant matter, and other debris entering your pool area as well.

Glass Fencing

There’s nothing better than a serene swim in a freshwater pool after a day out in the surf. But there’s a reason you’re supposed to rinse off all the salt on your skin before jumping into a freshwater swimming pool. Saltwater can easily corrode any of the metal elements that make up the design and construction of your swimming pool. This includes steel ladders and railings, metal pipes, metal components of pool pumps and heaters, and brackets around pool LED lights.

Whilst aluminium pool fencing can help to protect your pool from the corrosive effects of saltwater exposure and from any ocean debris that’s been carried over by coastal winds, this fencing can get in the way of your ocean views. So what’s the best type of pool fencing and gates for coastal properties that are beach adjacent?

Our glass pool fencing supplies take first place for the best pool fencing for coastal areas. These easy-to-install glass fence panels and gates make for a streamlined, secure, and undeniably aesthetic pool fencing set-up.

In fact, the only potential downside to installing our glass pool fencing is that sea salt may coat your glass fence panels over time, as it does your home’s windows. Thankfully, our glass fence panels have been produced using thick safety glass, making them easy to clean and very difficult to crack, chip, or break. This makes them an ideal choice for coastal properties and for households with pets and younger children as well.


At Outback Fencing, we stand by the ethos that all homeowners deserve to get the right fence in days, and enjoy it for years. And although coastal properties do come with their own maintenance requirements, coastal homeowners shouldn’t be exempt from enjoying this right to secure and sturdy fencing and gates.

We’ve made it our mission to provide the best fencing and gates for not just coastal areas, but also alpine areas, forested areas, and in the bush or arid regions, alongside Aussie suburbs in temperate climates.

Browse through our full range of durable ‘outback’-ready fencing today, or contact our team for more information on any of the fencing, gates, and fencing accessories available through our online store.

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