Pearl White Flanged Pool Fence Post with cap 1.3m - for bolting down

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Pearl White Flanged Pool Fence Post with cap 1.3m - for bolting down

Easy to install and stylish, this pearl white flanged post is ideal for your pool fencing.

Not only is this flanged pool fence post stylish, but it is also built to last. Constructed from a high-quality aluminium material with a protective coated layer, this post will last for years to come.

This post is the perfect addition to any pool fencing set-up, and is completely compliant with pool regulations and rules. It will add the proper structure and integrity to your fencing set-up.


  • This fence post measures at 1.3 metres tall, with a 50 x 50-millimetre profile.
  • The post comes with a base plate welded on in a flanged design.
  • The base plate on this post is 8mm thick.
  • The plate also features 4 x 11mm holes for fixing.

This fence post also comes with a free top cap included! This post is perfect for use for pool area fencing on a solid surface, such as concrete.

Reminder: When fixing these posts down, make sure to get the right sized hardware to match the 1mm holes.

This fencing post is designed for use with the rest of our white pool fencing range.

We offer a range of other fencing products and supplies to match this post in a stylish pearl white finish. You can check them out over in our store here.

We have fence panels, and even fixing brackets and screws in the matching white!

Built to last - the aluminium alloy and powder coating combination will fight off any rust and abrasion.

 The aluminiun alloy material used for the construction of this post is known for its strength, and corrosion resistance. It has a great weight-to-strength ratio.

It provides the durability of steel whilst being cost effective and lighter. This makes it easier for handling and installation too.

The powder coating will further provide a guard against the elements, leaving your post rustproof. It’ll also help keep the pearl white paint in top condition with minimal maintenance required.

Need help installing these posts? Or not sure which screws to use? Don’t be afraid to contact us!

If you need any advice or just have enquiries regarding this fence post – feel free to give us a call or send an email. We’re happy to assist wherever we can!

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