Batten Fencing, Vertical Blade Panel Kit 1200mm high x 2000mm Long - (Flat pack In a Box) Pool Compliant

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Batten Fencing, Vertical Blade Panel Kit 1200mm High x 2000mm Long - (Flatpack In a Box) Pool Compliant


Be the talk of the town with your eye-catching Batten Blade Fencing. Your garden has never looked this good!


Get the right fence in days - enjoy it for years

Vertical Blade Batten Fencing stays inside the lines - Australian legislation requires fencing around swimming pools, portable pools, and hot tubs. The Vertical Blade Batten Fencing is fully compliant with 89mm gap spacing, making it the perfect fence around the pool and the whole garden. 

Convenience on your doorstep - Looking for your next weekend DIY project? The Vertical Blade Batten Fencing comes in a neat flatpack box, delivered straight to your door. You’ll also find back clips, 2 x rails, and snap-on 65x17m blades in the box. Rails and clips are pre-drilled for effortless assembly. Assembly screws included.

Reduce your environmental footprint - Aluminium is the most abundant metal found in nature and is 100% recyclable. Aluminium has a long lifecycle, thanks to its durability. Stylishly sustainable!

Premium powder-coated aluminium - Who said a beautiful garden has to be hard work? With powder-coated aluminium fencing, you don’t have to worry about costly painting or varnishing. And because aluminium is a strong metal, it withstands harsh sun and the nastiest of storms. Treat yourself with peace of mind when buying the Batten Vertical Blade Fencing!

High-quality fencing that’s light on your pocket - lighten your load by purchasing our patented, non-weld aluminium batten fencing system. There’s no reason to hire expensive contractors with labour-intensive welding methods to make your garden beautiful. On top of that, hiring contractors means using more time to manage them. Simply buy the Vertical Blade Batten Fencing flatpack with an easy installation guide, and off you go! Wait till everyone hears that you did the fencing yourself. 

Super light and very strong - aluminium weighs roughly 60% less than steel. Our batten system is made by extruding aluminium which optimizes the strength of the fencing. So installing the Vertical Blade Batten Fencing is a breeze. Don’t worry about carrying around heavy pieces of steel. After effortless installation, rest assured that your new fence is there to stay! Professional powder-coated aluminium doesn’t discolour or corrode over time and is rust-proof. Who knew your fence and the Australian sun could be mates? 

7-Year Warranty on our Vertical Blade Batten Fencing - you read that right, 7 years. Here at Outback Fencing, we aim to provide you with the best quality fencing and unparalleled customer service. We want you to be as confident in your fence as we are! 


We’re with you every step of your fencing journey. Whether you are looking for something contemporary, sleek, and stylish, or something more traditional, we have it all! Contact us today to take the first step towards your new, jaw-dropping fence. You’ll be glad you did. 

Outback Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty. (Subject to warranty conditions - see our terms and conditions).