Custom Gate Width Converters 1.8m or 2.1m high For Security Fencing

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A$138.99 - A$148.78

Custom Gate Width Converters 1.8m or 2.1m high For Security Fencing

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A$138.99 - A$148.78
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1.8m or 2.1m High Custom Gate Width Converters For Security Fencing

Get the perfect gate by creating your own! Tailor it to suit your fencing needs.

Create your own gate with these gate converters! This allows you to easily convert any of the Zeus fencing panels we have on offer into a hinged gate.

These gate converters are compatible with panels measuring at either 1.8 or 2.1-metres tall with horizontal rails measuring at 40mm x 40mm.

These gate converters are sold in a pair (left and right side), and come in a stylish black finish.

Reminder: Remember to select the correct converter size (1.8m or 2.1m high).

All you need to do is cut down your panel to the desired size, and add the gate converters.

Best of all, the installation is straightforward and simple! Just cut the panel down to your desired gate size, and then install the converters on both sides.

From here, all you need to do is fix the converters in with the bolts provided in this kit. This kit comes with 8 x bolts with shear nuts and spring washers.

The converters and hardware all come in a matching black finish.

Gate converters are cost effective, and cheaper than ordering a custom gate online.

These gate converters are made from a heavy-duty galvanised steel material, with a 50mm x 50mm profile.

Galvanised steel has been hot dipped in zinc to add another layer of protection to the material. It helps with corrosion resistance, and guards against any wear-and-tear. No more worrying about rust or scratches!

This set also comes with a polymer insert which separates the gate panel from the converter, which stops metal rubbing on metal.

Added security: Once the shear nuts are tightened, you can snap off the nut’s head. This makes it harder for someone to untighten.

Have any questions about delivery? Or need assistance with installation? Feel free to reach out!

We’re happy to give our support to help you this gate converters up. You can send us a message directly on our contact us page, or reach out to our main office.

Main Office Details:

All of our products come with 7 Year Warranty and is Australian-sourced, which is why we can keep our prices so low.

These gate converters, and the rest of our products are designed with the Australian climate in mind. Whether it is the harsh summer heat, or the stormy winter weather – our fencing supplies are long-lasting.

You can find the compatible black security fencing panels for these gate converters in our store here. Just remember to double check the height of the panel, and make sure it matches the converter.

Our items also come fully packaged when delivered, which makes it easier for handling. We aim to ship our items within a 3-7 business day timeframe. You can read more about our delivery process here.

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