Black Pool Fence Panel - Flat Top Aluminium. 2.4m (or 2.45m) x 1.2m high

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Black Pool Fence Panels – Flat Top Aluminium – 2.4m (or 2.45m) x 1.2m, Stylish &

Pool Safe

Outback Fencing gives you craftsmanship, value, and simplicity!

Get the right fence in days - enjoy it for years 

    Flat Top Fencing Panels comply with local regulations requiring a boundary fence around pools, hot tubs, and even portable pools. The clean, smooth lines of our tubular flat top fencing will ensure that you don’t have to worry about a spot fine.

    Modern alternative to tubular pool fencing -  Our aluminium pool fencing is so much more symmetrical than the traditional and old-fashioned spear-pointed or rounded style of tubular fencing.

    No Middle Bar - Our black flat top tubular fences have no mid-rail, and the firm outline made by the top and bottom bars adds extra smooth sleekness and style to your tasteful garden fence project.

    Easy, Ready-To-Go Panels - All of our fencing panels are preassembled and ready for installation, making you a DIY hero! At Outback Fencing; we make fencing your yard as easy as pie.

    Rust Free - At Outback Fencing, all of our black pool fencing panels are made of high tensile aluminium that does not corrode or rust.  The harsh aussie sunshine can play havoc on your garden fence, so we only use the best 100% Australian sourced products.

    Flat Top Fence Tech Specs - 

  • Available in 1.2mm height x 2.4mm (or 2.45mm in some states)
  • Comes in Satin Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Horizontal rails are 38mmx25mm.

    More welds - Our black pool fencing panels have more welds than other standard panels on the market.  They are made from high tensile aluminium tubing, and each tube is welded at six different precision points, making them stronger and more durable than any other standard panels.

    Symmetrical and Strong Flat Top Fencing Panels -  The square and stately look of our flat top fencing is enhanced by the extra strength you get from the flat bars on top and under the vertical tubing, ensuring that your panels are both striking and strong. 

    Flat Top Aluminium Pool Fencing is great for uneven ground - do you have an irregular lot?  No worries!  Simply ‘step’ your vertical boundary fencing to match your property’s slopes.   You will also avoid the unsightly droop that attacks horizontal fences after a while.

    7-year Warranty on Black Flat Top Pool Fencing - At Outback Fencing, we believe in our product so strongly that we offer a 7-year fencing Warranty!  We won’t sell you our product and then disappear into the woodwork.  We are as dependable as the sunrise.

Our smart fencing will make your yard look magnificent from every side.   So, if you want a ‘no hassle,’ top-class fence, pick up your phone, or hop on your laptop, and contact us today at Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

Outback Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty. (Subject to warranty conditions - see our terms and conditions).

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