Custom Width Aluminium Gate Converters 1200mm high - For Black Flat Top Pool Fencing

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Custom Width Aluminium Gate Converters 1200mm high - For Black Flat Top Pool Fencing

Get the perfect gate by creating your own with these converters!

With these gate converters, you can create your own gate for your fencing configuration. You can tailor it specifically to suit your needs.

The converters allow you to create a gate up to 1500mm wide, keep in mind this will require you to also purchase one of our black pool fencing panels.

Being able to create your own gate allows for more creativity with your fencing, and you can get it to match your dream set-up.

To use these custom-width gate converters, you just simply cut down one of our black pool fencing panels down to the desired size, then add the converters on each end.

The converters just slide right into the panel, and then need to be secured with screws. It’s just that easy!

  • When cutting the fencing panel to the desired size, ensure you leave a 30mm gap on picket ends on both sides.
  • Please only use these gate converters for boundry fence use (not pool use. better to use our 975mm wide pool gate instead for pool use)

If you need any help with the installation process, or which fencing panels are compatible, you can give us a call on (02)40620386 or email

We’re always happy to assist! We want you to get the perfect fencing for your home.


  • These custom-width gate converters are made from a high-quality aluminium material.
  • The converters also come with a genuine Interpon powder coat, which adds another layer of protection, and style.
  • This means the fencing gate is durable, and corrosion resistant. You won’t need to worry about rusting, it is designed for everyday use.
  • This gate converter is designed for use with fencing panels measuring at 1200mm high.

This kit also includes the four screws you’ll need to fix the converter in place. Creating your own gate is also much cheaper than an expensive, custom ordered one.

Remember to abide by your local laws and regulation regarding pool fence gate sizes.

We do not recommend going wider than a 1.5 metre gate for these gate converters. *If you’re planning to use this kit for a double gate set-up, that also shouldn’t be used for pool areas.

Always check in with your local council in regards to the safety precautions regarding the max width for a gate opening.

At Outback Fencing, we rigorously quality test our products, so you can sleep well knowing this gate converter is top grade. We also offer a 7 Year Warranty on our products.

We also want you to get your fencing installed as soon as possible, so we aim to deliver within 3-7 business days for metro areas - So you can get right into enjoying your pool fencing in days!

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