Custom Width Aluminium Gate Converters 1200mm high - For Black Pool Fencing

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Custom Width Aluminium Gate Converters

Create your own gate up to 1500mm wide (this will require that you buy one of our black pool fence panels)

Cut down one of our 1200mm high panels to 1500mm wide approx (we dont recommend any wider for pool safety)

and screw our adjustable gate converters at each end.

If you use these to create a double gate please note that double gates should not be used for pool safe areas.


The custom width aluminium gate converters are perfect with our black pool fencing panels. Simply buy one of black pool fencing panels and cut it down to the desired size then add on our gate converters at each end. we would not recommend going wider than 1.5m for a pool safe gate (please check your local council in regards to max gate openings and pool safe regulations)