Black Steel Security Gate 2450mm Extra wide - 2.1m high

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Steel Security Gate 2450mm Extra wide - 2.1m high

Create a stylish entrance and guard your property – this black steel security gate is best of both worlds.

If you’re looking for an extra wide gate for your security fencing – this is it. It’s constructed from a premium steel material, and features a pressed top design for extra safety.

The pressed top, crimped spear design acts as a deterrent for anyone looking to cause trouble, and makes the gate unclimbable.

Gate Specifications:

  • This gate measures at 2450mm wide, and 2.1 metres high.
  • It features 6-point welds – with superior silicon bronze welds.
  • The pickets for this security gate measure at 25 mm x 25mm with a 1.2mm wall thickness.
  • The pickets have a crimped top spear design.
  • The spacing between the rails is 140mm centre to centre of the picket.
  • The rails for this gate measures at 40mm x 40mm with 1.8mm wall thickness.

SKU: ZF-G-2450-2100

This extra wide gate is designed to be used with the rest of our black steel security fencing products. You can find a range of matching posts and panels there.

We also sell the required hardware accessories needed for installing this gate in that section too, such as the latches and hinges.

Tip: This security gate goes well with our other high, 2.1 metre black steel panels. It’s perfect for creating tall fenced off areas.

Built to last, the steel for this security gate has been galvanised – hot dipped in zinc for extra protection.

It also features a black powder coated layer, so there’s no need to worry about rusting, or any general wear-and-tear! This gate will power through any scratches, and withstand the elements.

If you have any enquiries about this gate, or any questions about installation – send us a message! We’re happy to help assist.

Main office contact details:

You can also send us a direct message through the contact us page.

Reminder: If this security gate isn’t quite the right size, we have plenty of other models on offer. For example, smaller gates at 1.8 metres, and even sliding gates!

What is the estimated delivery time?

If you’re in a direct delivery zone (metro area), we aim for a 3-7 business day shipping. The gate will also come fully packaged, for easier and safer handling. You won’t need to lug around multiple parts!

We also offer a warehouse pick up option, and loading area pick up in every state. If you live outside one of our direct delivery zones, we can arrange to send it to your closest TOLL depot.

Just give us a call if you’re in a rural area to arrange something! You can read more about our delivery (and pick up process) here.

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