Black Steel Security Gate 975mm wide - 2.1m high

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Steel Security Gate 975mm wide - 2.1m high

Secure your home with only the best, this tall, pressed spear gate is ideal for safety and a deterrent.

This black steel gate is designed for use with the rest of our black security fencing products. It’s high design and pressed spear tips are perfect for keeping out any unwanted visitors.

The pressed spear tips are also good for stopping anyone from climbing over.

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • This gate measures at 975mm wide, and at 2.1 metres high. It’s one of the tallest gates we offer.
  • The rail for this gate measures at 40mm x 40mm – with 1.8m thick walls.
  • The pickets measure at 25mm x 25mm – with 1.2mm thick walls.
  • This gate features 6 point welds, with a superior silicone bronze welding.
  • The pickets are spaced 140mm centre to centre.

This gate is constructed from a top-grade steel material, that has also been galvanised and powder coated, with a stylish black finish.

Galvanised steel is dipped into hot zinc to create a protective layer around the material.

This process combined with the powder coating ensures your gate is long-lasting, and is guarded against the elements as well as potential wear-and-tear.

It’s the perfect combination! It is also cost-effective and requires little to no maintenance for upkeep. The steel material is also extremely easy to clean.

Reminder: The accessories and hardware needed to fix this gate to your fencing is sold separately. Check out our black fencing security range of products to find the latches/hinge kits required.

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