Polaris Grout 10kg Bag - Non Shrink - Rapid Set - Aggregate Free

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Polaris Grout 10kg Bag - Non Shrink - Rapid Set - Aggregate Free

This Polaris grout bag is the ideal solution for your spigots and frameless glass pool fencing.

This grout bag has been specifically engineered by Polaris, and is 100% Australian made. It can be used for glass fencing, glazing, and even for the railing industry.

  • This grout is completely aggregate free. No sand or gypsum is used.
  • It is also ultra-smooth in its consistency.
  • This consistency makes the grout easy to use, especially for hard to access areas or small holes.
  • The grout comes in a 10-kilogram bag.
  • A 10-kilogram bag of this grout can fill approximately 10 Std Core Holes (90 x 100mm Core Holes).

This grout’s unique non-shrink formula reduces stress on the surrounding material, and increases durability. This limits any potential cracking or popping on, for example, tiles.

Living up to its name, this grout is rapid setting. It gets the job done fast.

This grout is so fast setting, it will have your load bearing posts and glass panel fencing done in as little as 25 minutes! Even within colder seasons like Winter.

This bag is pre-mixed, the only thing it requires is the addition of water and you’re ready to go! You’ll have your fencing up in no time flat.

With this grout, your whole fencing project will run smoother and more efficiently. You’ll be able to remove the blocks or stands from your fencing faster, and get down to business.

  • It’s also a great choice if you run a fencing business! You’ll be able to get through more fencing jobs.

This Polaris grout bag is also designed to be eco-friendly. The bag is even weatherproof!

The bag’s weatherproof design ensures it’s safe from any potential moisture when in storage. The large volume bag is also great because it means less wastage!

If you need any tips or guidance on how to use the grout bag, feel free to reach out to us. You can send a message on our contact us page, or give us a call.

This grout goes great with our range of spigot and glass fencing products. It’s also fine for a range of materials, like aluminium and steel.

At Outback Fencing, we want you to get the right fence set-up in days. Which is why we aim to deliver our products within 3-7 business days (for metro areas).

We ship nationwide, feel free to contact us for a custom delivery quote if you’re outside of a metropolitan area.