5 Benefits of using PVC for Post & Rail Fencing

Posted by Outback Fencing on 31st May 2022

5 Reasons to Use PVC for Your Post and Rail Fence

It’s time to install new posts and rails fences, but what type is best to install? Instead of timber or metal fencing, we recommend using PVC fencing. Outback Fencing is a PVC fence supplier where you can buy PVC fencing, from full and semi privacy fencing to posts and rails fences. Post and rail fencing refers to fences made of vertical posts with two or three perpendicular railings running at the top and near the bottom of the posts. It’s often used to mark the boundary of a property or keep livestock like cattle or horses.

There are many advantages to using PVC post and rails, but we’ll expand on the top five benefits of using PVC instead of the timber and metal alternatives.


One of the great benefits of PVC fences is the low PVC fencing cost. We sell our rails and posts separately so that you can customise your fencing to meet your specific requirements. We sell three rails in a pack and even have post caps. Our rails are sold in a pack at a great price. PVC fences are less expensive than timber and metal alternatives, if not upon purchase, then definitely in the long run.

Lasts Forever

One of the main benefits of PVC is that it’s highly durable. Unlike timber or wood, it doesn’t have an expiry date. PVC is a synthetic plastic polymer and is a non-toxic material that doesn’t age, rot, or rust. That means you don’t have to replace the fence in a few years, unlike timber and metal alternatives. It also stands up to the weather conditions of Australia, doesn’t show wear and tear, and doesn’t peel or require a repaint.

Easy Installation

The great thing about our fences is that it’s straightforward to install them DIY. The posts and rails are sold with pre-notched grooves, latches and slots, so you can quickly assemble the fence. The most complicated part of the installation is marking out your fence line and digging the holes for the posts. Once the posts have been placed and concreted in, it’s as easy as popping in the railings between the posts. Find an installation video on our website for detailed instructions.

No-fuss Maintenance

There’s nothing as easy as owning PVC fencing. PVC doesn’t stain or show wear and tear like other fences and doesn’t need to be specially treated to prevent rot and rust from setting in. Termites don’t affect it, and it doesn’t peel. Cleaning and maintaining your PVC fence is as easy as hosing it off or wiping it down. The material is kind to the environment, doesn’t need to be painted and is designed to flex and return to its original shape should an animal lean against it.

Customise to Your Requirements

Not only is our PVC fencing aesthetically pleasing as a white vinyl post and rails fence, but it can also be customised to suit your purposes. We sell all the fence parts separately to ensure you can buy what you need without the extra bits. You can buy single-sided, double-sided, corner or gate posts and a gate and rails separately. This allows you to customise the fence to fit your property’s requirements.

Why PVC Fencing?

Before installing your fence, there are some factors to consider. Why do you need fencing? If it’s regular home fencing you want for privacy and security purposes, posts and rails aren’t the way to go. However, if you’re going to mark your property’s boundary line, whether it’s a home property or farm, then this fence is perfect. Further, it’s a stylish and economical option for keeping livestock like horses, cattle, sheep and more. So look at Outback Fencing for your PVC post and rails fencing today.

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