How Much Should You Expect To Spend On A New Fence?

Posted by Lee Benson on 28th Sep 2023

Looking to freshen up your property’s front yard, backyard, or boundaries? Then you’ve probably thought about updating your fencing and gates. And as is the case with any home improvement project, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve got a solid understanding of the costs you can expect to bear.

To help out, our team at Outback Fencing have outlined some of the pricing of our fencing supplies below – just so you can start budgeting for your next home improvement project and get the ball rolling on finalising your garden designs.

How much does a new fence cost in Australia?

First, let’s start with an overview of the average costs of securing a new fence for Australian homeowners today. Depending on the fencing materials you’re after, Aussie homeowners can expect to spend anything from $40 - $1200 per square metre of fencing (according to hipages).

The fencing types that you’re likely to find on the more affordable end of this spectrum include PVC fencing, and other lightweight fencing materials (i.e. aluminium). Contrastingly, premium heavier fencing materials like rendered brick and sandstone are more likely to cost upwards of $800 per square metre.

The measurements of the perimeter of your property will also dictate how much you can expect to spend on your new fencing. For example, if you’re looking to secure full privacy PVC fencing for a perimeter that totals 24 metres (across the street frontage, sides, and back fence of your property), then you can expect to spend around $3000. This cost is inclusive of all posts and panels but exclusive of gates, which may add an extra $300-$400.

If you have a larger property, it may be more cost-effective to select a fence material that costs less per metre – just to make sure that you don’t overspend on your fencing and find yourself with a minimal budget for the rest of your home improvement planning.

What should I expect to spend on security fencing?

What if you’re hoping to bolster the security of your property? In this case, you’ve probably been looking into the efficacy of investing in dedicated security fencing. Security fence panels equipped with crimped spear tops can act as a natural deterrent for trespassers, providing passive protection for your home against potential home invasions and other criminal activities.

But given that heavy-duty security fences are constructed with galvanised steel and must also be shaped to attain their spear-top design, you can expect these fences to cost a little extra when compared to residential PVC gates and fencing styles. To be more specific, our security fences here at Outback Fencing are priced at around $250-$350 for a single 2.4 metre-long fence panel. These price variances are also dependent on the height of your selected fence panels, with panels available at 1.8m or 2.1m high.

So once again, if you’re looking to secure security fencing for a property with a perimeter measuring 24 metres in total, you can expect to spend around $3500, excluding the costs of gates and fence posts.

What should I expect to spend on Colorbond fencing?

As Colorbond fencing is considered to be one of our more premium fencing products here at Outback Fencing, it’s only natural to ask what you could expect to spend when securing these steel fences and gates for your own home.

Compared to our PVC fences, our Colorbond fencing is naturally a touch pricier, costing around $150 AUD for a single 2.4 metre fencing panel. So if you’re looking to fence a garden space with a perimeter measuring up to 24 metres in total, you can expect to spend about $1500 AUD.

Costs aside, however, all Aussie homeowners are advised to consider what fencing materials or fence types they’d like to invest in for your home and property. Even if you splurge a little on a more premium or contemporary fencing type to match your modern home, investing in quality could actually be more cost-effective in the long term. This is especially true for those looking to invest in Colorbond steel fencing, as these fence panels have been manufactured using Australian-made BlueScope steel and to an exceptionally high standard. Colorbond gates and fences have also been tested to withstand even the most extreme Australian environmental conditions.

In other words, investing in quality now can help ensure you won’t have to replace your property’s fencing for years if not decades to come. And if you feel you’d benefit from a ‘one and done’ approach to updating your home fencing, then spending a little extra on some premium quality Colorbond steel gates and fencing will be sure to deliver all the privacy, security, and aesthetic qualities you’ll need both today as well as in the future, when it comes time to sell your home.

What should I expect to spend on pool fencing?

Now what about pool fencing? You can expect this particular fencing type to be a little different when it comes to pricing for a few key reasons. For starters, you can expect to buy pool fencing in smaller quantities than other types of residential fences. Similarly, pool fencing designs are less likely to prioritise privacy, so you can expect transparent build materials (i.e. glass, mesh) or slats that are further apart and require less stringent spacing.

But not all homeowners will need pool fencing for their properties, which makes this particular fencing type a bit of a luxury. Combined with the fact that fence manufacturers can expect pool fencing to sell in smaller quantities, these fence types can actually end up being pretty pricey.

What value are you getting for your investment in pool fencing? Well, it depends on the fence materials that you end up selecting. For instance, glass pool fencing supplies provide an uninterrupted view and a totally safe yet still transparent barrier. Their clean and understated design make glass pool fences appealing for many Aussie homeowners. But when you’re looking to purchase these pool fence types, you need to factor in the cost of both glass fence panels as well as the spigots designed to support those panels. Altogether, you can expect a single 1.2m glass fence panel (and spigot) to cost around $135-$150. So if you’re buying pool fencing for a 6m x 3m area (or an 18m perimeter), you can expect to spend around $3250 – about the same costs to secure PVC fencing for a 24m perimeter!

What’s the cheapest fencing option in Australia?

So what is the cheapest fencing option available to Australian homeowners today? As we’ve mentioned, PVC fencing combines lightweight and cost-effective construction with durability and longevity. This has positioned PVC fencing materials to be a suitable alternative to traditional timber fencing in Australia.

In fact, the most cost-effective fencing design that we stock here at Outback Fencing just so happens to be our PVC post and rail fencing. It’s important to note, however, that the shorter height and wider slat spacing of these fences make them unsuitable for residential properties that are looking to invest in privacy for their properties.

Whether you have a modern or post-war fencing home, and privacy is what you’re after, then either our Colorbond steel or PVC full privacy fences are sure to be great investments for your property.

Want to know more about any of the fencing supplies we have on offer here at Outback Fencing? Get in touch with our team today to secure additional support with your next fencing supplies order.

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