Top 7 Best Fencing Styles For Contemporary Homes

Top 7 Best Fencing Styles For Contemporary Homes

Posted by Lee Benson on 11th Sep 2023

If you drive through any Aussie suburb now, you’ll be likely to find a hodgepodge of different architectural styles. From Federation and heritage-style homes, to post-war architecture, and even 1920s-era Art Deco buildings, Australian cities tend to be an eclectic mix of styles through the ages.

But there’s a new and highly distinctive architectural style entering the fold, characterised by its neutral-toned facades, angular lines, and minimalist-inspired design schemes. This generation of contemporary Australian properties heralds new design possibilities for homeowners – so long as they’re up to the challenge!

Although many may argue that contemporary homes are designed to complement a wide range of existing design styles, the striking appearance of these properties can give the false impression of being a ‘blank canvas’. In truth, selecting fencing for contemporary homes can be deceptively difficult. How do you know which fencing styles will clash and which will complement your contemporary property well?

Our team at Outback Fencing is here to help with this design dilemma, namely by rounding up our top seven best fencing styles to suit contemporary Australian homes. You can find all these contemporary-compatible fencing styles below.

1. Aluminium Blade Fencing

As we touched upon, contemporary modern architecture is characterised by its dynamic use of lines to add dimension and draw the eye. That’s why the best fencing for contemporary homes tends to be slate or blade fencing.

Our aluminium blade fencing is a suitable option here, as it provides a clean and uniform security barrier for your home. The blades are evenly spaced to show off your front garden, or even to provide airiness for outdoor pool areas. If you’re looking for aluminium pool fencing, this fencing option is also sure to please.

What makes our blade fencing so perfect for contemporary properties, however, is their versatile minimalist design. Our aluminium blade fencing panels don’t come fitted with decorative fencing caps, meaning that they’re uniform from the ground up. This perfectly complements the tidy and understated design style of contemporary modern homes.

2. PVC Vertical Pale Fencing

Like our aluminium blade fencing, our PVC vertical pale fencing boasts clean and uniform fence slats. The two major points of difference is that these palings are made with sturdy and high-quality PVC, and that they also have horizontal rails at the bottom, middle, and top of fence pales. This provides a great balance between vertical and horizontal lines, ultimately adding a sense of balance and cohesion to the facade and street frontage of your contemporary home.

Being made with PVC, these fence pales are naturally UV-resistant and incredibly easy to care for when compared to traditional timber palings. Your PVC vertical pale fencing will never warp, rust, or experience discoloration due to harsh solar exposure. This makes them an ideal fencing solution for arid or coastal environments.

3. Aluminium Slat Fencing

The majority of the best fencing styles for contemporary residences often boast vertical fence palings or slats. But what if you’re looking to add extra dimensionality to your contemporary property by using horizontal slat fencing? That’s what makes our aluminium slat fencing another ideal choice for contemporary properties.

You can choose between 9mm and 20mm gap spacings for our aluminium slat fencing, so you can go for greater privacy or greater visibility depending on your own personal and design preferences.

The horizontal lines of our aluminium slat fencing also pair perfectly with a range of different garden shrubs, plants, and trees, including tropical palms, bountiful oleander, and even more European or English garden fixtures like rose bushes, lavender, and manicured boxwood bushes. You’ll love the way that these fences interact with the other shapes, colours, and dimensions of your contemporary home and garden.

4. PVC Full Privacy Fencing

Most of the fences we’ve looked at so far have been ideal for installation in front gardens. But what if you want to invest in a little privacy for your backyard space? Here, the best fencing style for contemporary homes in suburbs with a greater population density is guaranteed to be our PVC full privacy fencing. Built with PVC panelling, this privacy fencing boasts no gaps between its conjoined slats, allowing for total privacy control. As the fence slats are connected, this fencing can also help maintain growth of boundary hedging by reducing the overall space for hedges to grow between prunings.

And speaking of gardening and landscaping, we also stock matching PVC planter boxes to complement the look and style of our PVC full privacy fencing. These white PVC planters are the perfect accessory to make the shades of your flowers and other garden greenery really pop. This handy matching accessory is also another major reason why our PVC full privacy fencing is the best fencing style for contemporary homes with lush and bountiful gardens.

5. Black Crimped Spear Top Security Fencing

Just because contemporary modern design has a soft spot for fences without fence capping, it doesn’t mean that you need to stick with this style. In fact, the main benefit of contemporary architecture is its innate versatility. You can experiment with the style and add your own flair to your home design without clashing with your contemporary modern design colour palette and scheme.

That’s why our black crimped spear top security fencing is still regarded as a more than ideal fencing style for contemporary residences. With its striking black colouring and clean vertical design, these crimped spear top fencing panels are sure to perfectly complement contemporary homes that have a darker brick or timber facade. Similarly, our black spear top security fencing can also be paired with white, cream, or beige facades for easy colour contrast.

The crimped spear top design and heavy duty build of our security fences also support your home security efforts, ensuring that pets and children stay safely behind your fences and gates, and complicating the movements of unwelcome intruders.

6. Colorbond Fencing

Just because your contemporary home has a neutral colour palette, it doesn’t mean that your fencing needs to follow suit. In fact, with an increasing number of Aussie suburban residences being transformed into contemporary adobes, investing in fencing that provides a pop of colour can be a great way of differentiating your property amidst a sea of beige.

Our Colorbond fencing will definitely help your contemporary home leave a lasting impression right from your street frontage. These Colorbond fencing panels are constructed with 100% Australian-made BlueScope steel, ensuring that you can install the highest quality fencing for your contemporary home.

And for those who do prefer that their contemporary fencing adheres to their modern and understated colour scheme, you’ll be happy to hear that our range of Colorbond fencing actually includes a diverse array of versatile neutral and muted colours. Take your pick from Australiana-inspired shades like Paperbark, Pale Eucalypt, Wallaby, and Bushland, or go bolder with deeper colours like Manor Red, Cottage Green, and Deep Ocean.

7. PVC Semi Privacy Picket Fencing

When it comes to selecting the right fencing for your home and garden, security is likely to be the first consideration that most of us make. But for those of us with green thumbs, the best types of fences are those that showcase and perhaps even enhance our lovingly curated garden spaces. And the best way to showcase your garden spaces without sacrificing privacy or security for your contemporary home is by installing semi privacy picket fencing.

A contemporary take on the classical white picket fence, our PVC semi privacy picket fencing has been designed to be just as versatile as it is low-maintenance. Their white picket design is made up entirely of parallel lines, providing a clean angularity that will perfectly complement any contemporary property with a lighter neutral-toned facade.

Constructed using the same high-quality PVC materials of our vertical pale and PVC full privacy fencing, these contemporary picket fences are also UV-resistant and rust-proof alongside being highly affordable. Who said that high-quality fencing supplies had to cost an arm and a leg?


All seven of these superb fencing styles are perfect for contemporary Australian residences. So all that’s left to do for homeowners is select the fencing style that best compliments their homes and caters to their fencing needs.

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