Hideaway Universal Fastener - Connector Clip For Groove Decking (For Timber Substrate) - Includes Screws

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Hideaway® Universal Fastener

These universal fasteners are a must-have for installing any decking boards.

These universal fasteners from Hideaway act as connector clips for our decking boards. The connecter clips are designed for use with timber substrates.

These connector clips come in options of buying in packs of 90 (box) and 900 (bucket). If you’ve got a huge decking project coming up, buying in bulk is great for cost effectiveness!

Approximate Usage:

  • A box of 90 connector clips covers approximately 4.6 square metres of decking.
  • A bucket of 900 connector clips covers approximately 46.5 square metres.

Here’s everything to know about these connector clips:

  • These self-gapping hardware leaves the ideal 5mm gap between boards.
  • They also ensure uniform spacing between the boards for a flawless deck.
  • These connector clips also ensure a hidden fixing for a neat finish. There ends up being no visible screws after installation.
  • The clips also come with screws pre-set for ease of installation.
  • The screws are made from a high-quality grade 316 stainless steel material.


Reminder: These connector clips are for groove decking boards on timber substrate only. If you need connector clips for other types of decking and substrates – we have other options available.  

This set also comes with a Torx driver bit included.

With this kit of connector clips coming with the driver bit and screws included – it saves you money and time! You won’t need to buy more hardware and accessories.

You can find the groove decking boards compatible for use with these universal fastener clips in the Trex Composite Decking section of our store.

If you have any questions regarding these fastening connector clips, or what decks to use them with – feel free to reach out.

You can find our details on the contact us page on our website. Customer service is our top priority, we try to respond as soon as possible.

We want you to get your new decking up and ready as soon as possible!

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Backed by Trex™ 25 year Limited Residential Warranty & 10 year Commercial Warranty **