Aluminium Bracket 2 pack - Includes Screws

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Aluminium Bracket 2 pack - Includes Screws

Finding the right brackets and screws for your fencing is crucial. Which is why we recommend this pack.

The brackets and screws for your fencing are important to get right. They’re what adds structure and holds your fencing panels.

The last thing you want is a bad set and things falling apart (literally). This pack of brackets is top grade, and has been rigorously quality controlled tested by us.

Here is what comes included in this pack:

  • 2 x Horizontal brackets with a closed side design.
  • 8 x Self-drilling Tek screws

If you need any help with fastening these brackets, or the overall installation process – feel free to contact us. You can give our main office a call or send through an email.

Why should you choose this pack of fixings?

These brackets are made from a high-quality aluminium die cast 383 material. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, whilst still providing the same strength and durability as steel.

The material is also known for its corrosion resistant properties. It’ll last through any storm and daily use. It’ll withstand the test of time, and your fencing will last years.

The screws feature a self-drilling design, which is a huge time saver. This is because it needs no pilot holes. The screw can drill, tap, and fasten all at once! No need for long preparation or additional hardware.

Installation is quick and simply. These brackets are also suitable for use with our other fencing products.

These brackets are suitable for use with 45 x 45mm horizontal rails. They are designed to fit the face of a fencing post or wall.

Reminder: As the bracket depth is 30mm, it is required to have at least a minimum of 35mm of exposed rail past finished batten.

Let your creativity flow with these brackets! They come in a variety of colours.

These aluminium brackets come in three different colours: black, woodland grey and monument. It’s perfect for matching your brackets to your fencing – or if you’re brave, making them a standout piece.

We aim to deliver all of our products within a 3-7 working day timeframe if you’re in a metro area. If you’re located outside one of these areas, delivery will take longer.

We also offer pick-up services if you want to come to our warehouse! If you’re in a rural area, we can arrange postage to your local TOLL depot or similar. Please call us to work out a custom delivery quote.


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