Perforated Pool Fencing Infill Panel 1988mmW x 1188mmH (Framing Sold Separatley)

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Perforated Infill Panel 1988mmW x 1188mmH (with framing panel is 2000mmW x 1200mmH OR 2147mm wide x 1200mm high depending on which framing option you choose) framing purchased separately

Perf Pool Fencing

Matt Black or Monument Texture Powder Coat

  • Made of Premium grade marine alloy 5052 H32: 2.5mm thick
  • 9mm diameter machined punched holes
  • Great visibility through the perf panel. Best alternative on the market to frameless glass
  • Hardly have to clean at all compared to glass, also shatter proof
  • Pool fencing compliant tested to AS1926.1
  • With framing panel is 2000mmW x 1200mmH OR 2147mm wide x 1200mm high depending on which framing option you choose - framing sold separately
  • Width adjustable refer to installation video

Bring the strength of the ocean to your pool fence!


Get the right fence in days - enjoy it for years!

Perforated Infill Panels are extremely versatile - With two different framing methods, you can customize the aesthetic of your fence to suit your personal style. Use a bracketed frame for a little extra breathing room in your fence, adding to the “barely there” look, or alternatively, use a U-Channel frame for a seamless finish. 

Get inspired to see a new point of view.  Due to the precision and care with which each hole is placed and how closely spaced they are, you can preserve your view while also creating privacy and safety for your outdoor areas. Whether you need a boundary fence, a dividing fence, a pool fence, or a little privacy for your hot tub without feeling boxed in, this perforated alloy infill is the perfect fit.  

Unobscured views can now be yours without compromising the safety of your family. The 9mm precision punched holes in this perforated aluminium alloy fencing give it near perfect transparency so you need not have unsightly pool fencing blocking the magnificent view across your garden. 

This high-grade marine-safe alloy is trusted in many industries for its strength and durability. Allow this 5052 2.5mm thick alloy - with a hardness rating of H32 -  to do the tough work of keeping you safe while you enjoy peace of mind that your hard-earned money is not simply going to wash down the drain. This perforated aluminium alloy fencing is resistant to corrosion, so you get pool fencing that lasts as long as you need it to. 

Free up your precious time. Unlike its glass counterparts, this perforated aluminium alloy fencing does not require endless cleaning to give you the clear view you need. The matt black / monument powder coating helps to conceal the dirt that is there, and you will never have to worry about leaving unsightly streaks. 

The safety of your family comes first. Let’s face it: accidents happen. The joy of childhood is reveling in the freedom of running through the garden and splashing into the pool. A poorly hit cricket ball or a boisterous wrestling match could end in disaster with a shattered glass fence or even injuries to your little ones. You will never need to sacrifice the safety of your brood for the visual appeal of transparent pool fencing again. Simply enjoy the benefits of perforated infill panels that will not shatter or shear off. 

The full specs for this product are variable depending on which framing type you choose. The width ranges from 2000mm to 2147mm x 1200mm, and can be customised for your specialised needs. Also, note that the framing is sold separately, so the choice is entirely yours. 

Do not wait for unreliable contractors. With our instructional videos and easy-to-assemble products, you could transform your home and be the envy of the block with your new, stunning perforated alloy fencing. 

It’s easy to see why this is the go-to option for beauty, privacy, and security. Make sure to add your choice of frame to your order. If you still aren’t convinced that this is the best option to fit your fencing needs, please contact our friendly team today. 


Outback Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty. (Subject to warranty conditions - see our terms and conditions).

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