Non-Conductive No Earthing Required Core Drilled Spigot - Polystainless - Black Or Sliver. Includes Cover Plate

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Patented Polystainless Glass Pool Fence Composite Spigot (Includes Composite Cover Plate)

Support your glass panel fencing with the most innovative spigots in the business! Backed by years of research and development.

This core drilled spigot and matching cover plate is crafted from a revolutionary patented composite material, which is ultra-robust and UV-stabilised. The material used for this spigot looks and feels like stainless steel, unlike other composites. Other composites tend to have a plastic-y appearance and lack durability.

  • These spigots are used with core drill installations.
  • They are designed for use with 12mm thick glass panels.
  • The spigots have a recessed friction plate for ease of use.

The spigot itself measures at 285mm high, and 52mm wide. The matching cover plate measures at 102mm wide and long.

With the options for a silver or a matte black finish, the spigots can also add style to your pool fencing!

These spigots are NATA tested and comply with the Australian Standards for pool fencing. You can rest assured it has been vigorously tested by us, and is top grade. As this composite material is non-conductive, it means there is no requirement for earthing. Which makes these spigots a huge money and time saver! No need to call in an electrician. (AS3000:2007 – equipotential bonding).

There is no longer any need to worry about rusting or corrosion!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is the super innovative polystainless composite material! Due to the polystainless material used for the spigot, the surface won’t rust or corrode.

If you need any assistance with installing these spigots, we are happy to help! Just head over to our contact page, or give us a call. We ship nationwide, and aim to deliver our items within 3-7 working days if you’re in a metro area. We also offer 7 Year Warranty on all Outback Fencing products.

Not sure how many spigots you’ll need? Use Our Free Online Fence Builder!

Our Free Online Fence Builder software will guide you through the whole planning process!

  • The fence builder allows for multiple shapes and configurations.
  • It will tell you exactly how many spigots you’ll need, as well as other supplies like screws and even hinges for gates!
  • The software also allows you to print out a physical copy of the plans and supplies list.

Just make sure to put in the exact measurements for your planned fencing. That way you end up with accurate information for the amount of spigots, gaps, etc.

At Outback Fencing, we make it our life’s mission to help you get the perfect fencing. If this isn’t the right spigot for your configuration, we have plenty of other models on offer! We have a large range of spigots and finishes available to ensure we have products to suit all possible fencing set-ups.

Outback Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty. (Subject to warranty conditions - see our terms and conditions).