Security Post Joiner

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Security Post Joiner

Need to connect your fence posts? This security post joiner was designed to the do job, and get it done right.

This post joiner is suitable for use with our line of black security fencing products. It’s ideal if you’re looking to connect two steel posts.

This joiner creates a 200mm inner wide tunnel between the two posts, and is also pretty easy to install. It’s also made from a high-quality, coated steel material.


Here’s everything you need to know about this security post joiner.

  • This post joiner is designed for use with posts measuring at 65mm x 65mm.
  • The joiner itself is 330mm wide.
  • This joiner sleeves into two steel posts, joining them together.
  • The post joiner itself is made from a galvanised steel material.
  • It also comes in a stylish black finish, along with a powder coated layer.

The strongest combination, this steel is galvanised and powder coated for extra strength.

The steel used for this security post joiner is hot dipped into zinc to construct a heavy-duty galvanised coating. This will protect it from general wear-and-tear and help with corrosion resistance.

It also has a powder coat layer which helps guard the steel against the elements, and help keep the black colour looking fresh.

Together, your post joiner is built to last and will withstand any harsh climate. It’s also the ideal way to add more structure and support to your fencing.

If you need any help installing this joiner, or have any enquiries regarding them – just give us a call or send us an email! You can find our details on the contact us page.

We recommend using this joiner to create tunnel ends if you’re planning to set-up a sliding gate. You’d place them at both ends, and affix it with anti-tamper screws.

This post joiner is designed for use with the rest of our security fencing products.

So if you’re looking for compatible steel posts, or the hardware needed to fix these joiners – take a look over in the security fencing section.

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