1 Way PVC Post (End Post) Semi Privacy - 102mm x 102mm x 1900mm Long. Includes Slimline Post Cap

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1 Way PVC Post (End Post) Semi Privacy

This PVC post is the best of both worlds – it's cost effective and looks stylish. The white finish is stunning!

This PVC post comes from our Hampton Fencing product range, and is designed for use as a starting or finish post.

Our Hampton Fencing range is perfect for adding a touch of class and elegance to your home. It also provides the necessary support and privacy to your fenced areas too.         

This post measures at 1900mm high, by 102mm wide, and 102mm long. It also features a wall thickness at 3.8mm - sturdy and durable.


  • This post is constructed from a top-grade white UV stabilised PVC with protective titanium dioxide additives.
  • So, this makes the post the perfect choice for fencing as the material is weather-resistant and won’t rust!
  • This post features slotted holes for inserting a panel top, as well as mid and bottom rails.
  • It also comes with a slimline post cap included!


Reminder: This post isn’t suitable for hanging or latching a gate – we have other posts available for that, which you can check out in our store here.

Also, this is a 1-way fencing post. It can only be used in a 1-way configuration, we have other 2-way posts available in our store.

Want help with installation? We have a “How To” guide video for setting up Hampton PVC Fencing

In the below video, Lee Benson, Owner of Outback Fencing, runs through the entire process of setting up our PVC semi-privacy fencing range. From the panels to the posts.

If you still end up with any enquiries regarding installing this 1-way PVC post, just reach out and give us a call. We also take email, all of our details can be found on our contact us page.

These posts are perfect for starting or ending a project made with our semi-private PVC fencing range.

You can check out the complete range of products in our store here. From here you’ll be able to find compatible panels, hardware, and other supplies for your Hampton Fencing project.

When it comes to delivery, we aim for an estimated 3-7 business day timeframe if you’re located in one of our designated metro areas.

These metro areas include major cities, such as Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth (but not limited to). You can read more about our delivery process here.

We also have warehouses throughout the country, where we offer a (completely free) pick up option. Our warehouses can also accommodate larger vehicles, like light trucks.

Outback Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty. (Subject to warranty conditions - see our terms and conditions).