Base Plated Pool Spigot - Double Friction - Choose Your Finish - EASY INSTALL

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Base Plated Pool Spigot - Double Friction - Choose Your Finish - EASY INSTALL

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A$63.50 - A$71.00
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EASY TO INSTALL - Base Plated Pool Spigot - Choose Your Finish

Installing your new frameless glass pool fencing has never been easier with these base plated pool spigots!

Our pool spigots use the revolutionary double friction technology, which is the future of frameless glass pool fencing installation! Spigots utilising the double friction technology makes installation easy and drill-free! It also allows for easy adjustments for the tilt and sideways alignment. So, you can get a professional look at home with ease!

These base plated pool spigots are crafted from only the highest quality material. They are made from duplex 2205 grade stainless steel, which is renown for its corrosion resistance and high strength.

Our double friction pool spigots are as stylish as they are functional! Check out the different colour options:

Our pool spigots come in two different colour options: A polished finish or a matte black. (we can do a satin one as well but we dont recommend it anymore)

  • If you want a sleek and shiny look for your pool fencing, a polished finish is best.
  • The matte black colour is a great choice if you want to add a modern and monochromatic touch.
  • These pool spigots also feature a slimline 45mm front profile.
  • Along with the slim profile, the spigot and base has minimal visible fixings.
  • The base plate for the pool spigots measure at 7mm thick.
  • It also has four countersunk holes which allows for flush fixing.
  • The base plate design also features four slotted holes, which is great for easy installation and flexibility.

The top of the pool spigot also features a tapered design, which complies with the “anti-toe hold” regulations for pool fencing.

You will have your frameless glass pool fencing ready to go in no time with these pool spigots!

Lee Brenson, Owner of Outback Fencing, was “blown away” at how strong the double friction pool spigots were. They’ve become his go-to recommendation for setting up fencing.

You can use our Free Online Fence Builder to work out how many spigots you’ll need for your pool fencing project! Our Free Online Fence Builder will even help you figure out what other components you’ll need, like gates, hinges, and latches! It even calculates all the gaps between the panels.

Just make sure to put in the exact measurements of the area you plan to install the fencing. You can also print out a physical copy of the plans and the components list.

Take a look at our How To – Video if you need any help installing your frameless glass pool fencing and pool spigots!

Our company slogan is Get the right fence in days – enjoy it for years. So, if you need any help choosing the right pool spigot or setting it up, feel free to contact us or give us a call!

These double friction pool spigots are great for use with the frameless glass panels we also have on offer.

Outback Fencing Products have a 7 Year Warranty. (Subject to warranty conditions - see our terms and conditions).